Heavy Metal in Baghdad: Acrassicauda

Please repost this. its nice to think that with just a bit of communication we could keep an iraqi metal band (and if you haven’t seen the VBS vid of them you need to see that shit asap) from having to go back to hell. seriously, with all the fertile crescent mythology, sumarians and ancient babylon, this is the most ‘metal’ of metal bands, just cause…

Acrassicauda, the Iraqi Heavy Metal act famously profiled in VBS.tv’s Heavy Metal Baghdad, has been receiving death threats, merely for playing the music they play in sectarian Iraq.

Their friends at Vice explained:

On October 10th, 2007, the visas of the members of Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda expired. The Syrian government has made it clear that they will not renew them, meaning the band will be forced to return to Iraq. We don’t need to stress just how dangerous this will be for them. It could very likely be a death sentence, and the time in which we can help them is quickly running out.

Vice is sponsoring events in the hopes of raising money to help the band leave the country, and will be hosting a fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday, November 7th. The event is free to enter, and proceeds from both a raffle and all drinks will be donated to the cause.

The band needs $20,000 and Vice has already raised $13,000. You can also donate directly here.

For more on the band, and the incredible challenges faced by a band just trying to play music, check out the film’s trailer.

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