Hot Water Music Reunion: Now I See (About SXSW)

I got inspired after reading about a reunion on Dirtbags blog. It brought me to this:

I was drunk at South by South West. Most everyone is. It is Vegas for music geeks. My best friend Alan flew in to Houston and drove the truck up from his Mom’s house and we ate and drank on the company till until we got sick of the taste of beer and cigarettes and Against Me! in ten different locations. Alas, one cool thing was hanging with the Mutiny PR Honcho, Vanessa Burt at the No Idea soiree. I had a badge, Alan didn’t, Vanessa helped facilitate his entrance and we drank Lonestar late into a scorching drunk set by The Draft. Right after Chuck Ragan. I deliberated with Andrew and Warren and James of AM!, convinced they’d do at least one HWM song. James was right. They didn’t. We were bummed. Drunk and bummed. Almost as bummed as the some of the post No Idea releases by HWM (with the exception of Neverender and A Flight And A Crash). But then, a cloud lifted today when I was listening to Live at the Hardback. An interview I found on Late Night Wallflower has The Draft bassist and former HWM bassist Jasonn Black explaining:

There were a lot of rumors at this year’s SXSW that Hot Water Music was doing a reunion show, but that it was shut down by the police because of venue issues. Was this actually the case? Nope. People wanted it, but it just didn’t seem right. First off, we hadn’t practiced, so there was no way. If we play again, it can’t be half-assed, and the first show sure as shit won’t be in Texas.”

Thats a big fat FUCK YES! After HWM previous ‘breakup’ they released No Division (Produced by Walter Schreifels) and it was a rare return to form. HOpefully this time we’ll see the same creative burst for an album or two, like A Flight And a Crash. So now we’ve heard it from Alt Press, Punk News, that means it’ll happen. Fingers crossed. Simplicity boys, simplicity serves us all.

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