Digital Nightmare pt. 3

This portrait just goes on…endless horizon…and we all pay attention with our eyes barely open, reflecting the blue glow of the new world,
burning our ships on the shores of a vast electric amniotic sea.
Its not a new world in the stars…not a new world under the ocean…

Not a new world in another dimension where our laws of physics are altered just enough to allow for skeletons encased in adamantium and bulletproof foreskins.

Fuck no!
We are in the era of more is the less of more and less is always too little.
Doesn’t make sense does it?
That’s okay!
We pay big ad dollars for executives to come up with taglines like that.
Who needs real writers writing real content?
Just put a site scraper on blogger to find the best cut ups (or remixed) versions of regurgitated bullshit.
mea culpa is our communal cup of Sanka…digital sippy cups for the proletariat

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