Digital Nightmare pt. 2

Someday I’ll just fall off the grid entirely.
Who needs a publisher and who cares what anyone says anyway when everyone is talking at the same time?
3 billion voices, clicking away on keyboards everywhere at any time of the day or night.
How much static?

The static that used to be noiseless is now one big wall of white noise, ripping through wires, over radio waves, along fiber optic cables…the constant droning of opinions and information wrapped in marketing speak and branding.
Suffer the electric shock of distance breached by seconds, swirling and churning in a stew of graphics and keywords.

This digital life is pedestrian…Sidewalk sales at the virtual strip mall beckon and with one giant global swap meet where every person is a company, selling Cialis and diet pills camouflaged with cut-speak, tits and ass or ass and pecs or real diagrams of erect phalluses.

Can you swallow it?
Keyword…Optimum dynamic syntax insertion into the anus eyes of the unwary net surfer looking for free porn and deals on car rentals,
while wife/mother/boyfriend/girlfriend/child is glued to another brain sucking screen somewhere in the technological house of the what once was considered THE “future is now.”

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