Cursed: The best new Hardcore Band!

These Cannucks play a brand of throaty viking style hardcore/rock that makes my nuts tingle and my fist raise automatically. Their last record, titled Two, is a monument of aggression to behold. “Clocked In, Punched Out” is a wonderful indictment of working within the system. Who knew Canadians hated working as much as Americans? Here’s some info on their upcoming release, culled from the tender pages of (see they do post some news about awesome bands sometimes, its not always Fall Out Boy fashion lines or Against Me! updates – natch).

Canadian hardcore quartet Cursed have posted the first song from their upcoming third album. The record, Cursed III: Architects of Troubled Sleep is the follow up to 2005’s acclaimed full length, Two.

You can check out “Magic Fingers” right here.

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