Best Argument from NY Times against the inbred Troglodytes in the Mid west, namely, BFE Kansas, home of the Children of the Corn and other scary unstable militia types that would gladly have sex with a sibling before shaking the hand of a homosexual or African American.

“It is a matter of overwhelming scientific evidence. To maintain a belief in a 6,000-year-old earth requires a denial of essentially all the results of modern physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and geology. It is to imply that airplanes and automobiles work by divine magic, rather than by empirically testable laws.” – Lawrence M. Krauss

Be afraid of Kansas humanoids (read: liberal elite)! The bonfire of chaos will ignite in this flattened piece of land and terror will reign on the rest of the US as Bush and his acolytes ride their Thompsons into the gay friendly, godless regions of our fair and justice averse country.

Joe Rogan makes some funny points about Noahs Arc/bible history here!

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