Cave In – White Silence

In the summer of 2009, the band Cave In, one of my personal favorite released a four song EP called Planets of Old on vinyl from Hydra Head Records. Only a few years after a self-imposed hiatus, Cave In was back with four songs of monumental riffage. I picked up the single “Retina Sees Rewind” as a digital download from iTunes then mistakenly, albeit promptly forgot about the EP. I’d recently been listening to their watershed album Jupiter as of late and using the googles found out about their forthcoming full-length, White Silence. I received a ping from the Neurosis FB status update that Sovereign had been rereleased on colored vinyl and went to the link provided where I immediately purchased that indelible sonic document. Navigating around the store I found a link to the Cave In pre-order for White Silence and was blown away by the song presented there. Of course I was a huge fan of “Retina Sees Rewind.” The song is a four on the floor (John Conner) noodle fest (Brodsky, Scofield, Macgrath)  of a barn burner. However, much to the satisfaction of my ear-gut, the latest song, “Sings My Love” encapsulates the entirety of the Cave In ouvre: crushing beats, dissonant chords, raging marine sergeant vocals (a la Caleb) and a haunting chorus by Mr. Brodsky. Below is a link to the song, please enjoy at full volume…

Incidentally this blog is named after a line in the song “Big Riff” on the Cave In album, Jupiter.

Here’s a pic of the cover art.