The Pleasure in Abject – GESAFFELSTEIN – PURSUIT

I caught the first 1:40 of this video pre-roll “ad” on youtube for a Savages “Flying to Berlin” video

It has a great many things going on. 

It’s almost NSFW, but deceptively so. 

Here is the set up:

Electro track fades in and we are met by two towheaded aryan children who approach a mysterious black box.

Imagine the pitch for this video.

The director, wearing sunglasses inside no doubt, paints his vision for the artist. 

Boy gets a C-3PO hand. Girl gets a wiry hairdo. 

Cut to Versailles that is now a server farm for the Empire (read: not galactic) and introduce extended family. 

Now sis gets her own C-3PO hand and a super fit bod to match. Obligatory butt shot. Side view with exposed breast.

Her lover is a brunette and she’s a spitter with modest breasts, loose fitting blouse. 

Additional nip view.

Late model luxury sedan. 

Floating Super Drone. 

Camera pull back shows pseudo-scientists in lab coats studying a surveillance screen of angry mostly caucasian youth moshing in slow mo to the electro track. 

Then, inexplicably, the researchers turn and see a floating ball of M-16’s.

Cut to woman laying on marble slab, dimly lit, covered in a grey sheet. 

Dark haired young adult male staring into a mirror back in the Versaille-like palace. 

Back to hanger where we find the C-3PO handed man pointing his finger at a bunch of his clones. 

Cut to dimly lit hanger. Skeleton in sovereign regalia. 



The discussion that follows might sound something like this. 

I have no idea what is going on but I like it. It’s like Empire Strikes Back meets Mulholland Drive. 

Yes. It is very disruptive. The electro track is the drone note for the visual melody. 

A dream box holds the images together. The shared imaginings of the siblings spread out in a nightmarish speculative future. 

Brevity and execution of concept make this video powerful. Echoes (or appropriation) of Matthew Barney’s aesthetics (without the masonic/fantasty), JG Ballard and of course Lynch. 

US Gov Sends Tigers to Baghdad Zoo!

Stupidity is Contagious

That is a correct assessment of the Boosh Administration and that cavalier attitude toward common sense has run rampant in the past 8 years. Example: US NAVY testing midrange frequency sonar, the sound is like the squealing feedback of a PA system at a concert, what musicians call ‘bad feedback,’ it is sort of like having your brains melted through your ears–it is hell for ocean dwelling mammals. Testing was halted for some time and last I heard it was resumed. Total disregard for other living creatures. A concept not difficult to understand when we’ve already had one illegal invasion of a country on false pretense and have been pushing toward another illegal invasion of Iran for the past 4 years. (Iran before Boosh is gone, anyone taking bets? Odds are we’ll try for Tehran by X-mas, it’ll be so…Crusader-y and the perfect cap to 8 years of utter disappointment.)

Here is another example of the inner workings of the idiocracy! They make a good argument against it in regards to the animals but I’m semi-appalled at the arrogance of this ‘goodwill’ that stinks of PR ops for the white house. The uniformed will pat themselves on the backs and say ‘Yay for us!’ But the Iraqi shopkeeper who hasn’t been able to get out of the red since the invasion will continue to wring his hands in frustration, ‘what the fuck do we need tigers for?’

(Note: I was informed of this through PETA2’s newsletter)

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has issued a permit for Conservators’ Center, Inc.—a roadside zoo in Mebane, North Carolina—to send two tigers to the Baghdad Zoo in Iraq.

When the war in Iraq began, the media reported that hundreds of animals at the Baghdad Zoo were killed, stolen, eaten, stuffed, sold, or let loose by looters, or they escaped when mortar blasts damaged their cages. As newspapers and television continue to remind us, the military conflict in Iraq is far from over and incidents of extreme violence are still commonplace. Additionally, there is no evidence that Iraq has acceptable standards for captive-animal care.

The proposal to send the tigers to the Baghdad Zoo is being portrayed as a gesture of goodwill toward the citizens of Iraq, but it is cruel and irresponsible to put tigers in harm’s way in a country where most of the people don’t even have access to basic necessities.

What You Can Do
Use the form below to ask the USFWS to reevaluate its decision regarding PRT-181813 and deny the Conservators’ Center permit application. Remind the USFWS that it has already been tragically demonstrated that the animals at the Baghdad Zoo are not protected from the country’s military conflict. Tell officials that the export of tigers to Iraq would violate the spirit of CITES, an international wildlife trade agreement.