The Pleasure in Abject – GESAFFELSTEIN – PURSUIT

I caught the first 1:40 of this video pre-roll “ad” on youtube for a Savages “Flying to Berlin” video

It has a great many things going on. 

It’s almost NSFW, but deceptively so. 

Here is the set up:

Electro track fades in and we are met by two towheaded aryan children who approach a mysterious black box.

Imagine the pitch for this video.

The director, wearing sunglasses inside no doubt, paints his vision for the artist. 

Boy gets a C-3PO hand. Girl gets a wiry hairdo. 

Cut to Versailles that is now a server farm for the Empire (read: not galactic) and introduce extended family. 

Now sis gets her own C-3PO hand and a super fit bod to match. Obligatory butt shot. Side view with exposed breast.

Her lover is a brunette and she’s a spitter with modest breasts, loose fitting blouse. 

Additional nip view.

Late model luxury sedan. 

Floating Super Drone. 

Camera pull back shows pseudo-scientists in lab coats studying a surveillance screen of angry mostly caucasian youth moshing in slow mo to the electro track. 

Then, inexplicably, the researchers turn and see a floating ball of M-16’s.

Cut to woman laying on marble slab, dimly lit, covered in a grey sheet. 

Dark haired young adult male staring into a mirror back in the Versaille-like palace. 

Back to hanger where we find the C-3PO handed man pointing his finger at a bunch of his clones. 

Cut to dimly lit hanger. Skeleton in sovereign regalia. 



The discussion that follows might sound something like this. 

I have no idea what is going on but I like it. It’s like Empire Strikes Back meets Mulholland Drive. 

Yes. It is very disruptive. The electro track is the drone note for the visual melody. 

A dream box holds the images together. The shared imaginings of the siblings spread out in a nightmarish speculative future. 

Brevity and execution of concept make this video powerful. Echoes (or appropriation) of Matthew Barney’s aesthetics (without the masonic/fantasty), JG Ballard and of course Lynch. 

Converge “Aimless Arrow”

There are a a few things I’m eagerly anticipating this fall. The new season of Walking Dead (hoping that Lori Grimes will meet her grisly end, fingers XD for newborn zombie!), the end of the world per the Mayan calendar, new Neurosis record, Omar Rodigruez Lopez Group at the Casbah in Oct., Chelsea Wolfe in LA in Oct and last but not least, the new album from Converge.

The video is completely unwatchable unless you are smoking salvia and want to give yourself a seizure but the song is well written. These guys just keep getting better with each album.

David Ford: One Shot One Take “Go To Hell”

David Ford is a singer songwriter from across the pond who recently played here in San Diego. He makes full use of looping technology to create wonderfully layered compositions. Sort of in the vein of Liam Finn, these multi-instrumentalists represent the possibility of new methods in how pop and rock music is composed. I mean, looping isn’t new but it gives a new image of the ‘one man band.’ This video was shot while the singer was in the States on a recent tour. I can’t tell how he is putting this all together but I’m going to find out soon so check back.