Navigating the Void O.S.T. ~ ARGH! the Virus

Words give meaning to movement.
We’re part of the virus. 
Argh the virus.

The Samizdat.

Snow Crash.

The Five-and-a-half-minute hallway.


The Parrot: terminal brain crash image and the Godelian Shock Input (two great tastes that taste great together) strange loop, Escher staircase, tangled hierarchy, heterachy, and causality flipper.

Observe closely, the Shepard-Risset glissando in PINK FLOYD’s Echoes.

Neverender descent/ascent in pitch.
VOID transitions exponentially from the silence threshold to maximum amplitude,
there at 500 to 1000hz (one octave)
and continues decreasing in amplitude again.
Melting out of body,
sense warping sound.

Click Image Above to hear your brainstem melting


That when you hear music, you are experiencing something that has always been integrated.

Part of you.

That something is magic.

Similar to how those beats compel the feet, the words complete the circuit.

All of us,

PCB boards waiting for a current to carry us to the next space.

Encounters of the fourth kind: The supercollider on the Staircase; reading the daily mail; straight to hell boy…

For your delectation, a-walkin’ through the landscape of sagging flesh from our resident fiend, Rupert who is long overdue for a bottle of ‘69 Chateau de Krepotkin.

It’ll make yer face RAIN..… .. … .. … ..

*Click image to view video. Video will self instruct.