Perfect Pussy Live at Soda Bar Thursday Night

Syracuse punk outfit, Perfect Pussy are playing Soda Bar this Thursday.

If you close your eyes and pretend you’re in a cramped basement, it may be the the most exhilarating show you’ve seen in a few whatevers.

Some things to remember while attending (this goes for other locally run venues):

  • Tip your bar tender, they notice that shit and the folks at Soda Bar are deserving souls.
  • I know you want to cross your arms. Its a stance. A fashion statement. Fuck fashion. Put your hands in your pockets, in the air, like you may or may not care or stay home and watch Downtown Abbey with the volume low.
  • Watch the opening bands. Give them a chance.
  • Piss in the bowl/urinal. This goes mostly for dudes but some girls have wild, Venkman-like streams when they hover.
  • People have to clean the place after you stumble out, navigate your way down El Cajon to your vehicle and white knuckle your way home. You may not remember being a butthole to the doorman but they’ll remember you next time and that debit card you left in a drunken escape may just never turn up.
  • These are the people in your neighborhood, don’t be a bad neighbor.

I picked up the digital cassette I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling and while it’s no ground breaking piece music, the 4 songs are melodic aggressive punk with indecipherable vocals, well-executed and performed with a nod to a lot of the music I cut my teeth on.

What does that say about my taste? Well, I enjoy vaguely impressionistic painting, abstraction, between space. Their music is movement. Inhabits immediacy. Youth.

Here’s some Perfect Pussy video for your Wednesday to prep for your Thursday.