Quicksand Reunite for Revelation Records 25 Anniversary Show

Seminal post-hardcore outfit Quicksand reunited this weekend at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA for the Revelation Records 25 Anniversary. (boners popped in absentia!) The slam dancing was perhaps more mindful, less kung fu centric with a touch of Mixed Martial Arts affair for the mostly 30+ crowd but no less exciting, positive and ernest. While there will be many different videos posted on youtube of the high energy performance, the highlight of their Smith’s “How Soon is Now” cover happens at :20 when a stage diver gets denied and does that half-prance-how-am-I-gonna-recover-from-that-fail to the other side of the stage and out of frame. So far, the band do not have plans for a tour but judging from the excitement surrounding their reunion and performance, it may be time for them to cash in, collect some of that platinum
nostalgia love. That way, guys like me who couldn’t get tix to the REV25 show can go and see Quicksand, again, for the umpteenth time, with a gap of 14 or so years.

Quicksand Cover of The Smiths “How Soon is Now”

“Fazer” and “Dine Alone”