Navigating the Void O.S.T. ~ ARGH! the Virus

Words give meaning to movement.
We’re part of the virus. 
Argh the virus.

The Samizdat.

Snow Crash.

The Five-and-a-half-minute hallway.


The Parrot: terminal brain crash image and the Godelian Shock Input (two great tastes that taste great together) strange loop, Escher staircase, tangled hierarchy, heterachy, and causality flipper.

Observe closely, the Shepard-Risset glissando in PINK FLOYD’s Echoes.

Neverender descent/ascent in pitch.
VOID transitions exponentially from the silence threshold to maximum amplitude,
there at 500 to 1000hz (one octave)
and continues decreasing in amplitude again.
Melting out of body,
sense warping sound.

Click Image Above to hear your brainstem melting


That when you hear music, you are experiencing something that has always been integrated.

Part of you.

That something is magic.

Similar to how those beats compel the feet, the words complete the circuit.

All of us,

PCB boards waiting for a current to carry us to the next space.

Encounters of the fourth kind: The supercollider on the Staircase; reading the daily mail; straight to hell boy…

For your delectation, a-walkin’ through the landscape of sagging flesh from our resident fiend, Rupert who is long overdue for a bottle of ‘69 Chateau de Krepotkin.

It’ll make yer face RAIN..… .. … .. … ..

*Click image to view video. Video will self instruct.

Fall 2012 Mixtape – Prolapsed Apocalypse Sounds



At night, secreted away under a freeway overpass,

You listen to the sound of the passing tire treads, hoping, at some future juncture,

A symphony composed of broken geometry will ignite your light.

Finally, freeing you.



Let It bleed 3:55 Goat World Music

Silver Age 3:02 Bob Mould Silver Age

To Carry The Flame 4:31 Old Man Gloom NO

Past Lives 2:22 Diiv Oshin

Having Sex [Explicit] 3:57 Reggie Watts A Live At Central Park [Explicit]

The Man With The Hammer 8:30 Leech The Stolen View

State of Non-Return 6:06 Om Advaitic Songs

The Starchild 10:57 Naam The Ballad Of The Starchild, Movements I-V

Ten Tiny Fingers 5:31 Marriages Kitsune

There Is No God 2:38 Mrs. Magician Strange Heaven

Drug Myself Dumb (Album) [Explicit] 1:19 Cerebral Ballzy Cerebral Ballzy [Explicit]

Dopestrings 5:19 Shooting Guns Born To Deal In Magic: 1952-1976

Anywhere 5:52 Anywhere Anywhere

Please Forgive My Heart 4:31 Bobby Womack The Bravest Man In The Universe

Pov Piti 7:41 Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres

Grass Canons 3:21 The Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One

Troth 5:24 Røsenkøpf Dispiritualized [Tape]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice 2:09 Bullion Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee

Sierra Leone [Explicit] 2:29 Frank Ocean Channel Orange [Explicit]

Jet Lag 3:38 Perry Porter & ICBM Paper Moon

Brack Lain 3:57 Clive Tanaka y Su Orquesta Jet Set Siempre No. 1

Ancestral 4:42 Kelan Philip Cohran And The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Kelan Philip Cohran And The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Cliches, Old Sayings 1:18 Louis C.K. Live in Houston (2001)

Boredom Is Counter-Revolutionary 1:43 Retox Ugly Animals

Kicking 2:35 Torche Harmonicraft

Open Your Heart 3:41 Men Open Your Heart

No Sentiment 3:36 Cloud Nothings Attack On Memory

Gargarismo 5:01 Truckfighters Gravity X

Case of Fidelity 4:00 Greenleaf Nest of Vipers

Captive 4:00 Ume Phantoms

The Daughter Brings the Water 2:41 Swans The Seer

War Elephant 5:08 Native Daughters War Elephant

Midnight Song 3:05 Wild Nothing Nocturne

Apostate 3:22 The Holograms Holograms

Monkey Riches 6:46 Animal Collective Centipede Hz

Endings 3:51 Graduated Cylinders Beginnings + Endings

Eula 6:48 Baroness Yellow & Green

Converge “Aimless Arrow”

There are a a few things I’m eagerly anticipating this fall. The new season of Walking Dead (hoping that Lori Grimes will meet her grisly end, fingers XD for newborn zombie!), the end of the world per the Mayan calendar, new Neurosis record, Omar Rodigruez Lopez Group at the Casbah in Oct., Chelsea Wolfe in LA in Oct and last but not least, the new album from Converge.

The video is completely unwatchable unless you are smoking salvia and want to give yourself a seizure but the song is well written. These guys just keep getting better with each album.

Denver will be Swallowed – North Atlantic reunite for show on Sept 1

The North Atlantic provided the soundtrack to my twenties when I first moved to San Diego. They were criminally overlooked during their career, underrated and neglected. Passed over in the over saturated, emo-core 00’s. Their music was encapsulated in angular guitar riffs, meat-and-potato drumming of Led Zep, call and response of DC Go-Go and by turn DC Hardcore, hyper-literate and excessively quotable lyrics punctuated by tasty, big-bush bass-o-machine playing.

Part of me is glad. I got to wear them like a badge. Blow the minds of friends who’re and were unfamiliar and keep them like a secret. Street cred for as many miles as the concrete stretched from the 8 freeway to the A Street house where we all used to drink 2 dollar wine, smoke our lungs red and play Clash records all night. But for how how hard they toiled, trying to “make it” in the hard scrabble of Get in the Van-style touring in a pre-crash stolen-presidency war-all-the-time-world, they never stopped being gracious or friendly or my friends.

Also, they never disappointed live. Except once, when Cabron and TNA couldn’t actually play a show in Tijuana. We got stopped at secondary and by the time we made it to San Ysidro to get properly checked it was too late. That was my one thing. You know. Everyone has a thing. Short of wishing I was in the band, I wanted to share a stage with those dudes (and I did once, butchering the riffs on Swallows Air at the Casbah no less).

By the whims of the great magnet…I saw them with Planes Mistaken for Stars and Bear Vs. Shark. I think. I can’t remember because that’s how much fun I had and I can’t honestly remember due to the fact that I saw them play so many fucking times.

I proposed to my wife during their set at one of the diviest shithole bars in San Diego (RIP Freddy and the formerly no-douche Scolari’s Office). Their feature length Wires in the Walls was and still is in permanent rotation, “Scientist Girl” has already been approved for repeated play by my daughter. The chorus I never knew how much I needed you from “Bottom of this Town” makes my throat constrict, like I stubbed my toe or banged my elbow really hard. Intense longing followed by the humbling realization that I shared in some sort of communion with a dozen other souls, drunk on wine and constellations.

Your hands will be the matches, your head will be the wick.

That’s some soul right there. Homage dressed up in a brand of nostalgesterone.

Well-tabs for the city of the future. When I began writing Caustic Soda five years ago, Wires in the Walls was the soundtrack of that world. TNA is the band that will always be on stage in my fictions. Infinitely inspiring.

What If I’m Forty Tomorrow? Sounded like a hardcore mantra when I first heard Jason Hendrix sing it. Tomorrow is now five years from now.

Currently Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards are playing in Chicago’s rogue wave outfit, Big Science. Drummer Cullen Hendrix is a professor of political science at William and Mary and in respect to our shared memories and several potential laws that haven’t reached statute of limitations, suffice to say, we kids had some good times. 

TNA is forming Voltron for one night this summer. Drunken singalongs are prerequisites for these post-post-indie punks. They’re playing with Denver’s Mustangs and Madras.

A few things will happen on this momentous night. Epic Win will happen. A lot of “I Love You Man’s” will be mumbled as bodies crush against one another. Someone will vomit at some point. It may be me. It may be my wife. Or a combination of partners puking on each other. Come to think of it, I should mashup that scene in Stand By Me with TNA’s “The Lotus Eaters.”

When I was your age I got the fuck down

Saturday Sept 1, 2012 @ Three Kings Tavern 60 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Dethklok on an Aircraft Carrier

I wrote this action adventure piece for

People somehow found a way to do drugs aboard an aircraft carrier. Go Team!

I made a video:

I took a photo of Veiny Cocks on a screen:


Olympic Opening Ceremony Eyeball Remove Head Shake Proxy Hack

My partner came home Friday with a mission. Figure out how to stream the opening ceremony. NBC FAILED as most of us are well aware, not only in their coverage but also in maybe canceling Community and maybe canceling 30 Rock and they fucked the world when they cancelled Freaks and Geeks. Lo, in less than a decade (or quite possibly next month) we’ll all look back and laugh at their foolishness while watching the cable providers and major networks scramble to hold onto their empty screens.

How do I stream the Olympics? Or at the least the opening ceremony? Googled “stream olympic opening ceremony,” and the first page came back with NBC at the top. Fuckers. At least their SEO teams were earning their salaries.

Hmm. Youtube? Livestream?

No and nope.

NBC were showing the ceremony but on a 3 hour time delay. Control the ads. Control the viewer. Control the space. We’d have to wait to check it out at 7:30 pm. Damnit! Why do I suddenly give a fuck about the opening ceremony of the Olympics? Last time I paid attention to the Olympics was in 1984 and subsequently spent the following weeks recovering from Mary Lou Retton fever.

I don’t. Care.

It’s not just the Olympics either. Basketball. Tennis. Swimming. Soccer. Just not into it. Televised baseball viewing to me is like watching paint dry. With the exception of a passing interest in the NFL (go Broncos!) and a love for the 1996-98 Colorado Avalanche hockey team, generally sports don’t register. Though, in contradistinction, I do enjoy the Tour de France and absolutely love the X Games.

How do I find a plausible workaround to NBC’s blackout? BBC is streaming on youtube but it is blocked in our “region” according to the “oops” message on the page. That annoying little thing called an IP is getting in the way of my freedom. Google “setting up anonymous proxy browser” and “hide my IP”. Seems pretty easy. Wired had a thorough wiki on it and I thought, yes, finally I’ll be able to prove that with a little patience and tenacity I can stick it to the fat cats at NBC…

Alas, my plan failed. Or I lost interest. Partly both. I need to ask a hacker. Maybe I can find one on Reddit doing an AMA. We managed to get snippets on youtube and I’m not sure, no, I’m convinced that viewing the ceremony in ‘real’ time wouldn’t have made it any less confusing.

An estimated $14 billion and some change for the games (according to a not very specific wiki on the 2012 games) so we could see our countrymen and women compete in feats of physical awesomeness and to endure Danny Boyle’s “Hey, I know this sounds crazy, but someone just offered me more money than the combined budgets for the last 4 films I made to put on this show for the olympics. So I plugged ‘Great Britain’ into ye ole search engine along with the query, ‘poopy shits’ into youtube after snorting four packages of NoDoze and, I have to say, sometimes orchestrating genius at this level takes a lot of energy but I believe I’ve captured the essence of the Empire with the attention to useless detail only seen in the ballpoint pen doodles of crystal meth users and Art Brut.”

This anime sums it up.

Goat – Goathead – Tape Deck Rock

Here’s some trippy psych-swede shit for the Ayhuasca/DMT set. Makes Tame Impala’s brand of anthropology psych rock look even tamer by sonic comparison. I think I may have to dust off the old cassette player in the garage just so I can properly soundtrack my journey to the astral plane. This is a band clearly raised on an effective government health care system and repeated viewings of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain.
Their new record “World Music” will be released via the pineal gland of Rocket Recordings in August 2012. 

Terrible Feelings – Intruders

I am slowly building my summer playlist. Its like a blanket fort made from Ceremony Zoo, OFF!, Japandroids Celebration Rock, Hot Water Music Exister, antique Deltron (in anticipation of Deltron Event II), Big Science Difficulty and Sweden’s Terrible Feelings Shadows are in heavy rotation. 

Here’s a taste of Terrible Feelings and their track “Intruders” off the new record Shadows. 

Spider Fever, Retox, OFF! Live at the Casbah, Monday May 14, 2012

Spider Fever Shredding

Mario Rubalcalba has constantly established himself amongst the breed of rad humans who can do just about anything awesome (Dave Grohl, Joss Whedon, Danny Way). Professional Skateboarder? No fuckin’ prob bro. Musician? Easier-said than done. Owner of a record store (Thirsty Moon in San Diego, CA)? Check. His resume is long and fortified with the likes of legendary bands 411, Clikatat Ikatowi, Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Earthless, and of course, OFF! However, his latest project, Spider Fever, takes him out from behind the drums and plants him squarely in the center with a guitar and a microphone. The band rips through tracks off their eponymous debut. It’s powerful pop-edged, skate rock with big choruses and tasteful solos. At the show I picked up their Long Player. Favoring side two right now, especially “Simply Nervous,” which they closed the set with that night. About 5 minutes in the band hits the extended bridge and it’s a ferocious, driving beast of riffage.

JP mid howl.

Justin Pearson’s Retox played second. Justin’s been in his fair share of San Diego bands as well (Struggle, the Locust, Some Girls, Swing Kids, etc) and with each project he leaves an indelible mark and Retox is exceptional. Blast beats, noisy guitar, galloping bass and JP caterwauling and screaming his way through a blistering twenty-five minute set. Chatting with my friend at the show we commented that JP has always been involved in projects that are 5 minutes in the future. Somehow he harnesses the sound of rocks pelting police shields and windows breaking. And it’s short, brevity being one of his strong suits. Retox is the band William Gibson wishes his character Hubertus Bigend would’ve discovered then made into some sort of anti-marketing phenomena, something to broadcast at a televised riot.

Punk rock is sprinters music for the non-runner and OFF!’s abbreviated mechanics utilize short explosive bursts of kinetic energy. Volume and bombast. Fuck dynamics. Theirs is the “run with your fist in the air while donning a military surplus store Israeli issue gas mask, an old Black Flag t-shirt used as a wick flaming from the neck of a two-buck-Chuck bottle directly toward the riot shields and batons” brand of music. Keith prowls the stage between the two Viking-sized four and six-string players (Dimitri Coats and Steve McDonald) with a controlled, lightning-in-a-bottle intensity. He’s gregarious. Funny. Enlightened as only someone with his thirty years of playing in punk bands and seeing much of the world, exposing it, and indicting it can be. He absorbs the energy from the room and channels it back into the crowd. The in-between song banter was nearly as long as their set (Keith was free associating up there, getting all chatty with the drunks in the front), which was brief-brief, giving drummer Mario Rubalcalba enough time to catch his breath and Dimitri and Steve a chance to tune. “If your girlfriend dragged you here, thanks. [To the ladies] You better tell him he better get into it if he wants to get into it. I had to suffer through Death Cab for Cutie to get into it.”

Frankly, I was disappointed when no one made out or conspicuously shoved fistfuls of pills into their mouths during “Wiped Out.” Kern’s video of the same song raised my expectations much too high and now I feel the icy burn of viewer’s remorse. Actually, I couldn’t really see much from where I was so it is entirely possible there were people making out and taking drugs. There were a fair share of bad neck tattoos, which seems to be more and more common (or maybe that’s a SoCal thing), but the worst was all the tattooed cleavage. Why the fuck do some women tattoo a place that gets enough attention without a colorful clipper ship, sugar skull, or sacred heart? It’s a tramp stamp for your boobs.

The teachable lessons from an OFF! show: make out more, wear earplugs, go outside, support your local skateboarder, practice tattoo-free boob stewardship, stay rad.

Check out Rat Trap and Wiped Out

Black Thoughts, Darkness

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My review of the OFF! show at Casbah San Diego is now up on the Noisey
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By way of public apology, there were a couple of bands I regrettably
did not include in my review. Coverage of Mario Rubalcaba’s amazing
rock band SPIDER FEVER and Justin Pearson’s Retox. I’m sure I’ll have
an opportunity to make it up to these bands in future posts and I’ll
have an extended show review on my blog this weekend with pics of