Xinlisupreme “I Am Not Shinzo Abe”

Break apart the world with this punctured pop tune from Japanese guitar spaz duo, Xinlisupreme.

I wonder what their “No Bad Songs” album is?

Word to Warren Ellis for the spot on referral and his Orbital newsletter. Brilliant.

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Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck with My Money (track)

Back to reality.

It [insert catastrophe] was so surreal.

Is it a terrorist thing? [echo, echo, echo]

The brief interruption of service(s) cause people to do one or several of the following: raise the price of goods; be more courteous/neighborly; aggressively reactive in traffic situations; write a great tune about commodity and or money.

This is a song that works well with the current economic climate. Thanks to Mr. RedCam for the reco. Much obliged…

Big Science drops debut EP, Coast of Nowhere for free online!

I know I haven’t really posted much in the past few months. Quick update; I’m applying to grad school and have been really busy getting all my requirements ready for the program (MFA). 

Without further adieu, my dear friends Jasons (cubed) have unleashed the Big Science EP on the world and it is magnificent. No review. No bullshit. You’ll either love it or you won’t but here is the link to download it for free.