An Infiltration of…2012 Mixtape

“The world’s continual breathing is what we hear and call silence.”  CL


Girls asked the boys out for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Sadistic Hawkwind. My brain associated the phrase as Sephina asked me, shyly, eyes focused on my Wesley Crusher, Teenage Fuck Machine band t-shirt, to accompany her to the yunkstuh social me-vent of the year.

    –Sure sounds like fun. I’m going to dress like Iggy Pop circa Zombie Birdhouse era if that’s kosh with you?

   Her grin was comprised of uneven teeth. Not crooked or broken, just…imperfect. She’d managed to avoid the pre-fab orthodontic sect of the body mod cult. Hers was the type of beauty that hadn’t been appropriated or infected by expectations. I wiped my hands on my black jeans, tried thinking of something clever to mumble but instead said what I could with my eyes, which probably came across creepier than Javier Bardeem with that pneumatic skull puncture device. Or brooding. Taciturn maybe? Whatever it was it seemed to work cause she reached out for my hand in a sort of awkward shaking stroke.

Leaning against the wall we watched Mrs. Orbison exit the biology lab, locking the door behind her with a swipe of her thumb on a biometric reader. The camera in the corner of the hallway hummed as the motor rotated 90* for a panoramic of the bustling hallway. We detached from the wall, orbiting the outer rim, making waves in the center of the flow, shoulder to shoulder.

–The student counsel asked me to DJ the Sadistic Hawkpiss dance. I’ve got an idea. Her voice was a low harmonic pulse wrapping around ears, head, body. You could help me. We’ll be a team. Molotov and Slingshot. It was the first I’d heard of those names, but it seemed fitting for our dynamic.

–Penetrate the between space?

–Space between. Sephina demured. I’ll carrier pigeon the cassette, telepath the playlist…

We paused in midstream, splitting the flow of traffic to our right and left. –And I shall scoop you up at 7.

Before heading off to Post-Economics class she struck a superheroine pose, hand on her hip and shook her head — No corsage please. Rather have four ounces of Semtex. Blast our way out of the gym past the rainbow dirigibles and career bureaucrats if need be.

Swoon. ❤ beat _skip_

Later that evening I received the mixtape. The Playlist manifested in my mind as she promised. It promised to be more potent than a suitcase nuke in a densely populated metropolis.


This life is too fast. Or just fast enough.


1. Headlight Song – Big Science – Difficulty (2012)

2. Demons- Chelsea Wolfe –  Apokalypsis (2011)

3. Don’t Move – The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Now (2012)

4. Penal Colony – Women – Public Strain

5. Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams (2012)

6. Lonely Love – Islands – A Sleep & A Forgetting (2012)

8. Fake Life – Whores – Ruiner (2012)

9. The War On Wisdom – Melvins – The Bulls and the Bees (2012)

10. Batu – Russian Circles – Empros (2011)

11. Collider – Tjutjuna – Split 7” (2010)

12. Bad Blood – Crooked Fingers – Breaks in the Armor (2011)

13. Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights EP (2011)

14. Strange Thunder – Howlin Rain – Russian Wilds (2012)

15. Master Builder – Gong – You (1974)

16. Elizabeth – Ghost – Opus Eponymous (2012)

17. Guijara – Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid (2011)

18. Chapter 1 – Crippled Black Phoenix – (Mankind) The Crafty Ape (2012)

19. Disaster Porn. The nihilist myth of collapse – The Fucked Up Beat – Apparatus

20. A Treatise – Shabazz Palaces – Black Up (2011)

21. Glass Tamborine – Wild Flag – Wild Flag (2012)

22. World Blue – Ceremony – Zoo (2012)

23. Broken Bone – iceage – New Brigade (2011)

24. Ambitious Wrists – Office of Future Plans – ST (2012)

25. Heirophant – Oathbreaker – Maelstrom (2011)

26. Consumed by the Light of the Rising Sun – Awakeners – Low Earth Orbit (2011)

27. Saturn is Underwhelmed – Sleep Lady – Fighting for the Year (2011)

Oaks: Bravo! (A Review)

oaks coverOaks



This 5 song EP from San Diego band Oaks is on one of the most well produced pieces of non-label supported music I’ve heard in a long while, which leads me to believe they might be supported by a label on their next outing. It sounds good in the car, on headphones and through the home stereo.  Thick and viscous is the center flavor in each of these choice cuts, making a filling meal of fatty overdriven bass, slavering rhythm peppered by crunchy distorted guitars and expertly executed vocals.

The band is informed by their former tours of duty in bands like Spermatozoa, Flocking Eduardo and the formidable Tight Bros From Way Back When but, with respect to their former bands, seem to gel much better in this fiery incarnation.  If the Melvins and Jesus Lizard are the uncles of this hard rock family then Oaks and their kindred spirits in bands like The Long and Short of It and Big Business are the trouble making nephews.

This is the type of record you’ll want to listen to loud, not some fucking shitty MP3 either, get your hands on a disc or vinyl if they press any (fingers crossed) at their upcoming release show June 1st at the Casbah. The track “Kix 4 Free,” has been stuck in my head for weeks, popping in and out at weird times like while I’m watching CNN in the morning or riding the trolley to work thinking about what kind of crazy Bas Rutten move I’d like to pull on those officious asshole Trolley cops, using the ‘ambiance,’ while saying, “Dohnt Yu Do Dat!”

I have yet to see these guys live so I’ll reserve judgement on that aspect however they commonly play around town with some of my favorite bands like Archons, The Long and Short of It and Get Your Death On (a band that needs to seriously release that California Condor record already!). So I’ll be witnessing the shred at the Casbah this sunday, even though its technically a ‘school’ night and attempt to under indulge in PBR so Monday ain’t so rough.