OFF! “Wiped Out” and Tour

Going to see OFF! with my buddy Gary from Dum Dum Boys next Tuesday Monday. Fucking stoked.

They’re playing at the Casbah, San Diego’s finest (and my favorite) place to observe musicians in their natural habitat, surrounded by padded leather walls, beer-swilling mutants and the roar of passenger jets overhead. We’ll be baptized in noise and contrails. Hopefully no one pukes in the moshpit. Nothing worse than slam dancing through vomit, except for maybe human excrement. Slam dancing through dog crap wouldn’t be so bad cuz everyone steps in dog shit at some point in their lives right?

Here’s a vid for a new tune of theirs directed by Vice’s resident skin connoisseur, Richard Kern. Come on Richard, where’re all the up-skirts and nip-slips?