Xinlisupreme “I Am Not Shinzo Abe”

Break apart the world with this punctured pop tune from Japanese guitar spaz duo, Xinlisupreme.

I wonder what their “No Bad Songs” album is?

Word to Warren Ellis for the spot on referral and his Orbital newsletter. Brilliant.

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Mono: New Record and Tour

Japanese soundscape architects, Mono, will be releasing a new album For My Parents via Temporary Residence and hitting the road in the fall.


Track Listing:

1. Legend

2. Nostalgia

3. Dream Odyssey

4. Unseen Harbor

5. A Quiet Place (Together We Go)

They’ll be playing the Casbah in Oct. Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group is also playing the Casbah in October, which means I will have a very busy month of incredible music. The latest is a video is a time-lapse journey through Iceland by filmmaker, Henry June Wah Lee and scored by Mono – “Legend: A Journey Through Iceland” (Official Music Video) via Pitchfork