Gern Blanston featuring “2”

Mi compadre Shannon McG turned me on to this amazing and obscure band from the Pac Northwest (?) called Gern Blanston.

Named after comedian Steve Martin’s actual name. I think Tool might have taken a few cues from these guys, at least Paul D’Amour’s bass work on Undertow bears a striking tonal resemblance.

I’ll just shut up and let the song do what it does.

Writhe, wriggle and pummel brilliantly.

Mono: New Record and Tour

Japanese soundscape architects, Mono, will be releasing a new album For My Parents via Temporary Residence and hitting the road in the fall.


Track Listing:

1. Legend

2. Nostalgia

3. Dream Odyssey

4. Unseen Harbor

5. A Quiet Place (Together We Go)

They’ll be playing the Casbah in Oct. Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group is also playing the Casbah in October, which means I will have a very busy month of incredible music. The latest is a video is a time-lapse journey through Iceland by filmmaker, Henry June Wah Lee and scored by Mono – “Legend: A Journey Through Iceland” (Official Music Video) via Pitchfork