Firethorn: Pollution for the Fountain of Youth (a review)

Sean Myott, bass player from San Diego trio Firethorn had been trying to send his bands debut to me for what seemed like months. I don’t know if my post office box has an anti-band-mail charm on it but that’s not the only example of things being sent by bands that hadn’t made it to me. However, bands ‘sending’ anything besides good intentions or an unpaid bar tab is always somewhat of a farce. That’s why they hire PR people right? Sean came through and dropped off Pollution for the Fountain of Youth in person to me, and we shook hands, connecting me inextricably to favor.

Pollution is an intriguing debut parked comfortably along Bleach-era Nirvana and classic Southern California hard rock with the occasional nod to Descendents-style, irreverent metal worship. They definitely mine the depths of late 80’s and early 90’s punk and Seattle sound, wearing their influences proudly in their riffs and sentiments.

“A Looker Named Lexie” has that schizophrenic, multiple-voices-jabbering in the bridge technique that they pull off effortlessly on the record and I’d be interested to see how they do it live.  The musicianship truly shines on the track, “The Nerve!!” where acoustic guitar is the thematic voice of the song. The production is interesting and could stand alone as a statement in uniqueness or on the other hand, it could use some Alan Douches style mastering to enhance the subtleties. 

Pollution goes well with Mudhoney, whiskey sours, bonghits and muscle cars.

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Cube Farmers Unite (thru) Desktops

Okay, so it is difficult to be another nameless, button down, beige slacked (or skirted) employee in the rat race. How does one keep ones individuality? If the current climate of your office frowns upon cube decoration that looks like a college dorm room (Tiger Beat Posters and McFarlane Toys!) instead of a place of business and HR is frowning in all their pant-suited-finger-wagging propriety, don’t despair. There is a place where you can go and find yourself a desk top from thousands of really amazing artists to help give your coworkers the impression that you are more than just a really good Excel user. Its called Pixel Girl Presents! Aside from rad desktops by amazing graphic artists from all over the world they’ve got really cool icons, iPhone wallpaper and some other stuff that you might find useful. Here is a nice sample from their selection of desktops called Reposable Parents…so clever.