The Pleasure in Abject – GESAFFELSTEIN – PURSUIT

I caught the first 1:40 of this video pre-roll “ad” on youtube for a Savages “Flying to Berlin” video

It has a great many things going on. 

It’s almost NSFW, but deceptively so. 

Here is the set up:

Electro track fades in and we are met by two towheaded aryan children who approach a mysterious black box.

Imagine the pitch for this video.

The director, wearing sunglasses inside no doubt, paints his vision for the artist. 

Boy gets a C-3PO hand. Girl gets a wiry hairdo. 

Cut to Versailles that is now a server farm for the Empire (read: not galactic) and introduce extended family. 

Now sis gets her own C-3PO hand and a super fit bod to match. Obligatory butt shot. Side view with exposed breast.

Her lover is a brunette and she’s a spitter with modest breasts, loose fitting blouse. 

Additional nip view.

Late model luxury sedan. 

Floating Super Drone. 

Camera pull back shows pseudo-scientists in lab coats studying a surveillance screen of angry mostly caucasian youth moshing in slow mo to the electro track. 

Then, inexplicably, the researchers turn and see a floating ball of M-16’s.

Cut to woman laying on marble slab, dimly lit, covered in a grey sheet. 

Dark haired young adult male staring into a mirror back in the Versaille-like palace. 

Back to hanger where we find the C-3PO handed man pointing his finger at a bunch of his clones. 

Cut to dimly lit hanger. Skeleton in sovereign regalia. 



The discussion that follows might sound something like this. 

I have no idea what is going on but I like it. It’s like Empire Strikes Back meets Mulholland Drive. 

Yes. It is very disruptive. The electro track is the drone note for the visual melody. 

A dream box holds the images together. The shared imaginings of the siblings spread out in a nightmarish speculative future. 

Brevity and execution of concept make this video powerful. Echoes (or appropriation) of Matthew Barney’s aesthetics (without the masonic/fantasty), JG Ballard and of course Lynch.