Doomtree “Final Boss”

The seven member Minneapolis MN collective comprised of rappers P.O.S, Dessa, Cecil Otter, Sims and Mike Mictlan, and producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger are known as Doomtree. Mi compañero  McG hipped me to their impressive KEXP performance and ever since I’ve been in the rabbit hole mining flows, beats and melodies. Their 2015 album, All Hands is a high water mark in the groups decade of activity. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but I’m glad I’m here and am having an excellent time. 

This head bobbing first track “Final Boss” from All Hands is an epic, Konami code ode to the last battle — the one that demands something more than sufficient — where the “you” as the character in the song draws the strength necessary to throw the winning punch. The production by Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger is moody and progressive, gradually building through the verses and choruses. On “Final Boss,” as well as other songs on All Hands, there are nods to gaming soundtracks like the work of Yamashita (Classic Konami composer), and hard-hitting drum and bass cuts with sirens and squalls channeling Bombsquad’s Hank Shocklee.

The video is beautifully shot. Director/Editor Maria Juranic knows how to use tension, humor and subtlety to emphasize the darker moments in the video.

Director/Editor: Maria Juranic
Video Producer: Aaron Richey
Director of Photography: Andre Durand
AC: Brian Suerth
Art Director: Scott Nordhausen
Gaffer: David Underhill
Grip: Brad Lokkesmoe
Grip: Matt Kane
Sound: Owen Brafford
Make Up/FX/Wardrobe: Kristen Leigh
Craft Services: Marina Delneri
Post FX: Matthew Sattler

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