Cheshi – Bug Dance

I’m obsessed with guitar pedals. Pedal makers. They’re weird.

They’re weird.

Like the back back room guys in the guitar shop.

So this recommendation came through the fucking fuzziest of click carrot rabbit hole weirdness. Five or six posts deep on IG, copped initially from Sinasoid (they make cables and other audio ‘couture’), finally landing on Bookworm Effects and they’re Laughing Man optical tremolo pedal. [pictured]


For those unfamiliar, Laughing Man is one of the greatest J.D. Salinger short stories and also happens to be my favorite of his.  This tremolo is really sweet sounding too. Gonna add this to my Want list on

Halfway down Bookworm’s feed, I found a screenshot of the Cheshi EP and curious, went searching.


Okay, Cheshi is Indie Rock fronted by singer-guitarist Ashli Cheshire, channeling Johnette Napolitano, supported by a thunderous rhythm section who propel each dynamic shift in the songs with bombastic gusto.

Below is the song “Bug Dance” from their latest release.

Check ’em out at