Critical Mass Ride Tonight: Sept. 28th

Critical Mass Bike Ride,
Meet at Balboa Park Fountain by the Science Center at 7pm.
Bring your Bike, Bring your friends.

Video/Cameras, Helmets, Lights, Bells, Whistles and Train horns.

400 Riders Last month, who knows how many we will have now.
Spread the word! We must be heard!

In Regards to Last Months ride and subsequent arrests:

Don’t forget, Cops are not your friends. They instantly dislike you because you represent a logistical nightmare. They don’t care if you are a nice person. They don’t care if you pay taxes. You are a threat. They get paid shit to take a lot of shit the least of that should be from us and the joy from having a badge and a gun can manifest in different often violent or dominating ways. Stay on the right side of the road, don’t fuck with motorist. Peaceful civil disobedience is still disobedience, don’t give them an excuse to arrest you! Cyclist are held accountable by laws just like other citizens, its good to reclaim the streets just remember the streets were made for cars. know your rights! you can find them here Have Fun!