Consumption Junction: Full Frontal Scrutiny

they liveHave you ever raised your eyebrow at the end of some long winded commercial or driven past a billboard that looks a little suspect? Maybe it looks like an ad for petition for a somewhat plausible cause but the small print gives their gratitude to some nebulous organization represented by a lame acronym. Now you have a place to point that raised eyebrow. A new venture between Consumer Reports WebWatch and theCenter for Media and Democracy, have pooled their considerable resources and credibility into a website called in an effort to expose all those silly acronyms for what they truly are. Anyone and everyone is under the magnifying glass including lobbyists, big tobacco (funding major lung cancer research), and Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod and his ASK Public Strategies ‘second’ business. After reading a few of the posts my stomach started to hurt. Imagining how corrupt and manipulative media and marketing is and actually seeing it exposed is like watching Rody Piper putting on those sunglasses on in They Live–terrifying and not funny or campy any longer. Realizing many of these so-called ‘grassroots’ campaigns are actually just Astroturf campaigns I’m glad I hesitate every time I get an invite or prompt from some questionable group on Facebook even if I do feel like hurling a sheep or ‘biting some chumps.’