Chelsea Wolfe “Carrion Flowers” – Official Video

I have been eagerly anticipating news of Chelsea Wolfe’s forthcoming album “Abyss,” due in August from the brilliant folks at Sargent House (Cathy Pellow & Company).

Over the past few weeks they’ve thrown some bones. A set of lyric vids for “Iron Moon” and “Carrion Flowers” plus a headlining tour with Woven Hand was announced for the Summer/Fall.

Chelsea skirts easy genre classification. That said, it’s certainly not Pop music, not in the literal definition of the term.

Her songs exude a Lynchian charm. There is a comforting ambiguity to her fearless approach to song craft. Which can also be unsettling.

“Carrion Flowers” is no exception. The middle eastern melody that acts as counterpoint to the droning synth waves and industrial drumming is familiar yet new.

A petit deja entendu for the Mise en abyme

The video was directed by Wolfe and longtime collaborator, Ben Chisholm.

US CD/LP Store:
UK & EU CD/LP Store:…


Record of the Month Club – January 2014

The Fraternal Auditory Illumination Society convened for what would be our inaugural coterie in January at Maier’s Laier. We toasted frosted brews and played many tunes.

Brother Muu brought two tasty growlers from local hops specialists, Societe Brewery.

On glass that night was Harlot and another, mystery brew.

Brother Dan offered his audiophile rig (Music Hall mmf 7, Outlaw RR2150 and Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s) and it sounded in-crediballs!

We recorded audio for a potential future Podcast but need to work through some kinks before we unleash it on an unsuspecting public who probably don’t want another (or care for) podcast about music from music nerds.

(Spitballing in the digital void here) It’d be pretty rad to do something similar at the Whistle Stop once a month and have it curated by folks like JP, Tim Mays, M Theory, Off the Record, folks from Casbah, Soda Bar and Tin Can. It’d be like a Vinyl Social.

The only rule would be “vinyl only.”

No genre limitations. The more eclectic the better.

I gave Brother Dan the download from my vinyl edition of Women’s Public Strain.

Happy to report he loves it nearly as much as I do.

(RIP Christopher Reimer, you were gone too soon but what you left was magical. Friends/readers you can donate to the CR Fund at

Check out Women “Eyesore” live. Wish I could have seen them live.

Here are the tracks we played:

Seaweed “Service Deck”
Savages “City’s Full” and “She Will”
Chelsea Wolfe “Pale on Pale”
Fear “New York’s Alright”
Buy Contortions “Designed to Kill”
Women “China steps” “Venice Lockjaw”
Jawbox “reel”
Beefeater “Trash Funk” and “Reagonomix”
Bl’ast “Only Time Will Tell”
Abused “Drug Free Youth”
Mose Allison “New Parchman”
Hailu Mergia “Anchin Alay Alegn”
Pharaoh Sanders “Karma” b side
Goat “Run to Your Mama”
Peter Tosh “Get up Stand up” “Stepping Razor”
Polica “Very Cruel”
Wrestling worms “Intaglio”

These Songs, with a Chance of Repeats

I am a music consumer.

Active. Not Passive. I search. Listen. Absorb.

Song sponge. Yep. That’s me.

These songs have popped up over the last few weeks and I thought I’d do myself a favor by putting them all on one blog post so I could come back and listen to them whenever I wanted and to share them with other folks who have similar, schizoid music taste.

Being a writer and fan of visual story telling, I almost always imagine songs as they’d appear in a film. This ‘film’, that would have these songs is about two ex-members of the New Symbionese Liberation Coalition on the run from Ukranian mafiosos somewhere in Riverside, CA. The working title is “Riot Stares” for that look that people give when they witness some unspeakable violence or shocking act of compassion. Shooting from the hip here folks…

The first is a cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start” by Tears for Fears. Yes. That Tears for Fears. The same band I proudly and loudly played from my battery operated boom box…shout shout let it all out, ahem…re-imagined Arcade Fire’s song and made it their own. It adds a new dimension to the song. Endlessly listenable.


Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” slowed from 45 to 33 1/3 will set the hair on your neck. This is what ‘doom’ folk sounds like. Or if you drank some cough syrup and forgot to change the speed on your record player.

Beautiful and haunting.

TV On the Radio recently released a new track via Dave Sitek’s label, Federal Prism, called “Mercy.” You can pick it up on iTunes (and hopefully a single on merciful vinyl for RSD) but you can check out the band ripping through the track at ATP.


Los Angeles based artist Chelsea Wolfe is poised to release her forthcoming album, Pain is Beauty via Sargent House this September. She released a preview of the track, “The Warden” some time ago and I keep coming back to it, over and over.

While visiting Wax Trax in Denver, CO this past week I got turned on to Hailu Mergia. His full length was released via Awesome Tapes from Africa on June 25. The LP is a treasure, and even though this song is from his work with the Walias Band, you get a sense of how amazeballs this guy truly is.

Put these songs together and they form a tableau.

A noirish soundtrack about a love triangle and a heist gone squirrely and violent.

An Infiltration of…2012 Mixtape

“The world’s continual breathing is what we hear and call silence.”  CL


Girls asked the boys out for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Sadistic Hawkwind. My brain associated the phrase as Sephina asked me, shyly, eyes focused on my Wesley Crusher, Teenage Fuck Machine band t-shirt, to accompany her to the yunkstuh social me-vent of the year.

    –Sure sounds like fun. I’m going to dress like Iggy Pop circa Zombie Birdhouse era if that’s kosh with you?

   Her grin was comprised of uneven teeth. Not crooked or broken, just…imperfect. She’d managed to avoid the pre-fab orthodontic sect of the body mod cult. Hers was the type of beauty that hadn’t been appropriated or infected by expectations. I wiped my hands on my black jeans, tried thinking of something clever to mumble but instead said what I could with my eyes, which probably came across creepier than Javier Bardeem with that pneumatic skull puncture device. Or brooding. Taciturn maybe? Whatever it was it seemed to work cause she reached out for my hand in a sort of awkward shaking stroke.

Leaning against the wall we watched Mrs. Orbison exit the biology lab, locking the door behind her with a swipe of her thumb on a biometric reader. The camera in the corner of the hallway hummed as the motor rotated 90* for a panoramic of the bustling hallway. We detached from the wall, orbiting the outer rim, making waves in the center of the flow, shoulder to shoulder.

–The student counsel asked me to DJ the Sadistic Hawkpiss dance. I’ve got an idea. Her voice was a low harmonic pulse wrapping around ears, head, body. You could help me. We’ll be a team. Molotov and Slingshot. It was the first I’d heard of those names, but it seemed fitting for our dynamic.

–Penetrate the between space?

–Space between. Sephina demured. I’ll carrier pigeon the cassette, telepath the playlist…

We paused in midstream, splitting the flow of traffic to our right and left. –And I shall scoop you up at 7.

Before heading off to Post-Economics class she struck a superheroine pose, hand on her hip and shook her head — No corsage please. Rather have four ounces of Semtex. Blast our way out of the gym past the rainbow dirigibles and career bureaucrats if need be.

Swoon. ❤ beat _skip_

Later that evening I received the mixtape. The Playlist manifested in my mind as she promised. It promised to be more potent than a suitcase nuke in a densely populated metropolis.


This life is too fast. Or just fast enough.


1. Headlight Song – Big Science – Difficulty (2012)

2. Demons- Chelsea Wolfe –  Apokalypsis (2011)

3. Don’t Move – The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Now (2012)

4. Penal Colony – Women – Public Strain

5. Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams (2012)

6. Lonely Love – Islands – A Sleep & A Forgetting (2012)

8. Fake Life – Whores – Ruiner (2012)

9. The War On Wisdom – Melvins – The Bulls and the Bees (2012)

10. Batu – Russian Circles – Empros (2011)

11. Collider – Tjutjuna – Split 7” (2010)

12. Bad Blood – Crooked Fingers – Breaks in the Armor (2011)

13. Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights EP (2011)

14. Strange Thunder – Howlin Rain – Russian Wilds (2012)

15. Master Builder – Gong – You (1974)

16. Elizabeth – Ghost – Opus Eponymous (2012)

17. Guijara – Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid (2011)

18. Chapter 1 – Crippled Black Phoenix – (Mankind) The Crafty Ape (2012)

19. Disaster Porn. The nihilist myth of collapse – The Fucked Up Beat – Apparatus

20. A Treatise – Shabazz Palaces – Black Up (2011)

21. Glass Tamborine – Wild Flag – Wild Flag (2012)

22. World Blue – Ceremony – Zoo (2012)

23. Broken Bone – iceage – New Brigade (2011)

24. Ambitious Wrists – Office of Future Plans – ST (2012)

25. Heirophant – Oathbreaker – Maelstrom (2011)

26. Consumed by the Light of the Rising Sun – Awakeners – Low Earth Orbit (2011)

27. Saturn is Underwhelmed – Sleep Lady – Fighting for the Year (2011)