Dead Cross “Crushed Under the Wheels of Progress” (live video)

Dead Cross is a band comprised of Gabe Serbian, Justin Pearson, Mike Crain and Dave Lombardo. They played their first show at the Casbah in San Diego on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

I want to weaponize this song and toss it, lit fuse burning, end-over-end into a fascist Trump rally.


Disappears – Halcyon Days (video)

Chicago band, Disappears have been sculpting moody and paranoid sonic compositions, altering the notion of structure on each subsequent release since forming in 2008. On the band’s latest, Irreal, they manage to ratchet up the tension with a minimalism that is calculating and precise. I appreciate their sonic aesthetic even more, now that the band seem to be moving toward the type of music they made on the 2013 12″, Kone. They’re delving into the IN BETWEEN space, creating music in an era where you can easily spend 90 minutes in a isolation chamber. Not to be confused with cold or isolating but fluid and viscous.

Some writer with more time and a better grasp of metaphor likened them to David Lynch.

Sure, Disappears make Lynchian-post kraut rock. Now it’s dark…

Disappears are accessing something unique. Getting farther and farther out. The use of repetition, recursive riffs and motifs paired with Brian Case’s monotone vocal delivery of haiku-like lyrics that often end in ellipses rather than declarative cliche, escape the velocity of rock pastiche.

They’re playing at the Casbah on April 3, 2015. The night after TV On the Radio plays the Observatory in North Park.

Another important distinction, Brian Case has an affinity for Taylor Swift, which I share so he and his band get top marks in my estimation.

Haiku 3/3/15

Twirling in the sun

A noose hung on cottonwood

Blade marks in the bark

– Tajomaru Thiret

Caustic Soda – Graphic Novel

I’ve been working on a my graphic novel, Caustic Soda – A Year Future Narco Romance, for the past year with artist, film maker and friend, Daniel Crosier. We’re printing a 3 page mini-comic preview for SD Comic Con next week (phew!) and we’re putting together a kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing of the first, 25-page issue. This will cover the costs of printing a full-color book. We’ll have tons of rad rewards for our contributors,including a few of the birch panel pages illustrated by Daniel. The comic is a futuristic fictional story about two lovers on either sides of a nasty border war between the Narco Syndicate and a private multi-national and security firm, Agility INC. You can take a look at the intro on the to give you an idea of the story and scope of this project.

The story is about San Diego and the border. You’ll recognize lots of landmarks in the book, including a fictionalized version of The Casbah I’ve dubbed, The InterZone. Plus lots of guns, quad-copter drones, Augmented Reality, Psychotropic substances and of course, the namesake of the book, Caustic Soda. Caustic Soda (NaOH) or sodium hydroxide is the chemical one of the characters (The Alchemist) uses to dispose of “clients” processed by the Arnelle Liquidation Associates–the assassin team at the center of the tale.

I can’t wait to share this with you!