Deathfix “Better Than Bad” Video

Aside from being the most congenial and genuinely approachable member of punk rock royalty, Brendan Canty, is renown for his contribution to one of rocks notable rhythm sections in the band Fugazi. He has a new project where he plays guitar and sings: Deathfix.

It is a cross between Hawkwind, Sweet, Ziggy Stardust with hints of DC Go-Go and reverence for hook based passages.

He’s got a soothing croon too!

The project began as a collaboration between Brendan Canty and Rich
Morel while they were touring and playing with Bob [Fucking] Mould and eventually evolved into a full time gig. They rounded out the lineup
with veterans Devin Ocampo (drums) and Mark Cisneros (bass).

Their S/T comes out via Dischord next week. It fucking rocks (as it should). His bro Matt Hoffman put this finger-licking BMX-metropolitan-porn vid together for their first single, “Better Than Bad.”

They’re playing Coachella. So if you can stomach the strychnine grins of dancy-pants’d hipsters in recycled fashion, check them out there.

Or just wait till they play your local watering hole.

That’s better than bad.