Update: Stuff and stuff

Just posted an interview I did with Wyclef Jean way back when he released Preachers Son.
Hope you dig it.

Some things I’m into recently: A Scanner Darkly by Richard Linklater is probably the best Phil K Dick adaption I’ve ever seen. Though Blade Runner sort of stands apart, like Children of Men as their own sort of ‘inspired by’ films, a Scanner Darkly really is Dickian in every way. That roto-scope technique is amazing though somewhat nauseating in spots.

Music: Caught Extinct Animals and The Architect Sketch at Chasers in San Diego on Friday night. No one seemed too stoked about that whole Scolari’s reopening story that was in the City Beat. But I’m sort of glad that Scolari’s will pander to the B Dynamite crowd. If it means their will be less douche templates at Pink Elephant because of it, well that’d be swell! Both great bands but EA has a gear overdose and at first I thought it was distracting but then I realized how cool it looked and worked with their weird Throbbing Gristle type noise collages.

Architect Sketch was a revelation in awesome two-piece D&B radness. I picked up a copy of their EP, Communication In Cases for Which No Other Form Is Applicable (recorded by Mario Quintero at Black Box Studio) and it is amazing. Well produced, mostly instrumental songs done with lots of looping, bassline then melody and ‘other.’ I’m stoked I got the chance to see them before bass player Greg Gerardi moves off to Chicago to go to school for his Masters. Damn. Good luck in the windy city!

And I’ve been listening to Pre-Black album Metallica, trying to learn how to play “One” on guitar. Man they were rad. I also sent my old Guerilla Film Werks buddies an idea for a sketch where James Hetfield is a customer service rep for Cisco, “Hey-uh, mah name is James-uh! Can help you-ooh uh?”
Hope they can use it.

Drive By Truckers at Belly Up on Friday. Looking forward to that. Won’t be posting a review of that one. Some shows just have to be experienced for what they are without thinking how to articulate the experience in writing. Cabron at the Casbah on Saturday night with some amazing local bands (Archons, The Long and Short of It)