Kim Phuc – Copsucker

kim-phuc-copsucker-coverKim Phuc


Iron Lung Records

After eating shit in relative obscurity for the better part of a decade, Pittsburgh PA’s Kim Phuc released the provactively titled Copsucker, a collection of 7” singles released by the band culminating in an LP.

Oh, you haven’t heard Kim Phuc? @tedleo’s favorable tweet about the band must have been buried in your feed.

Just like the band’s namesake, a Pulitzer Prize winning photo by Trang Bang depicting a naked Vietnamese girl burned by napalm, Copsucker is immediate and fucked. An homage to power violence with trace elements of punk rock.

It is messy with riffs, nihilistic noise-drenched confessional barking, and includes several tunes about ‘thinking yourself into a black hole’ and ‘shitting on republican graves,’ with variations of those themes mined throughout.


Perfect, the band imploded.

To extend the energy further would diminish the work.

Underappreciated and overlooked in their brief tenure, Kim Phuc burned bright like white phosphorous, leaving a terse musical document as a reminder: we were here.

A scab to pick at.

A scar to ponder.

How many years are you going to sleep on the fucking floor after drinking too many tall boys only to wake up, drive six hours (or more) to the next shitty town hoping that the slightly less obscure headliner or the local band got some motherfuckers to the show?

Or that anyone, anywhere, was (is) actually listening.


Kim Phuc – Animal Mother/Local Roundup – Copsucker

Kim Phuc’s humorous, deranged history in text.