Mike Watt and the Missing Men

Mike Watt

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Killed it on Saturday night. Absolutely killed it. I’ve seen Flea and Les Claypool and while they’re both impressive, Watt’s got soul for miles. The awesome Truckee Brothers came up on stage (2 additional guitars) to join Watt, drummer Raul Morales and guitarist Tom Watson in a roaring rendition of The Stooges’ “Funhouse.” They rocked it so hard the stage was shaking back and forth, or rather to and fro/side to side. It was magical. Gonna try and find vinyl of Double Nickels On The Dime this weekend.

Watt made some furious faces, wasn’t quite as animated [read: possessed with punk soul] when I saw him perform with The Stooges. But maybe it was because he was playing bass and not front and center. He definitely must have taken a page out of Iggy’s book, the man was mesmerizing to watch. He inspired me to get better at playing bass with my fingers. We’ll see how that pans out. Sorry for the uber shitty photo quality. This camera sucks when taking pics from far away, that said the video function on the camera actually works pretty well. I posted two vids from the Watt set doing the stooges song “Funhouse,” you can check em’ out at these links:

“Funhouse, Pt. 1”
“Funhouse, Pt. 2”

Mike Watt and Missingmen at Adams Ave St. Fair

You Should plan accordingly and go and see Mike Watt.

If you haven’t seen We Jam Econo: The story of the Minute Men doc yet, do yourself a favor and stop watching Top Chef, go put it on your netflix queue or steal it from Sun Video, it totally fucking rules.

On that note, if you haven’t read Our Band Could Be Your Life go out and buy it right now. Michael Azerrad gives a detailed account of a dozen of the most influential bands of our generation; Black Flag, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Butthole Surfers, Minute Men (saddest story in that book), and more.

saturday, september 29 at 6:30 pm
at the adam’s avenue street fair