Cabron EP and New Songs Posted

Our 7 song EP Mexican Shoe Thief  is going to be released online for free on Oct. 8th (or sometime around there), yeah thats right, for free. Who buys CD’s anymore anyway? We’ve posted 4 new tunes on our myspace page. The songs were recorded live to 2″ tape at Audio Design Studio in San Diego, CA and engineered by Dan Maier (Head Wound City, The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Some Girls). Bobrob (guitar) will be doing a limited run of about 500 silk screened wood block 12″ covers that we’ll sell at shows for about 7 bucks. We’ll put a blank disc with a site you can download the tunes from in it along with an insert for lyrics. Basically people will pay for the art if they come and see us and if people really want we’ll mail them. We’ll probably put it out on vinyl in the spring after we save enough kola nuts and bottle caps since people seem to actually pay for vinyl. Basically Bob talked to some of his high ranking industry contacts and was told that we wouldn’t recoup the cost of making, printing, releasing a ‘CD’ and that it’d be better just to release that shit ourselves, which is cool with us.

Who needs record labels anyway? It’s the same thing punk bands have been doing for the past 30 years.  I am talking about bands that go from town to town in a crappy 15 passenger van with a trailer playing dives and making just enough for gas money and a taco bell bean burritos.

You can scope 4 new songs on our myspace