Planet Rooth Studios Show

This was the highlight of the “San Diego” Indie Music Fest. It was great! I did go over to the Rubber Rose and caught a good punk rock band bashing it out. It was hard to get to though cause of that stupid Beer Garden set up right in front. Stopped by Bar Pink Elephant and waited for a drink for 15 minutes as a gaggle of lesbians had a bartender making 20 Jaeger bombs–fucking amateurs. Not sure if those bar tenders had been getting a steady stream of douche bags all night or if the service at the Pink Elephant always sucks balls but suffice to say I never got a drink and left in a huff. Boo hoo for booze! Ventured on to the main area of the SDIMF but it began to rain so we left. I can’t give an honest report so I can’t say if it sucked or not but it looked like a lot of people were stoked. Quite a few young indie rock kids walking around. Some older college types. Can’t wait for next year.

Swim Party played really well. I’d never seen them before and now I am a huge fan. Great tunes. Loved the bass player, right combo of finger tapping/plucking and picking made for an interesting sound. I missed Hialeah and the first band but the ambiance was nice. Wish Rooth would do live stuff during Ray at night. Subsequently it is always my favorite studio during Ray at Night. Citybeat had an interesting article (yay they’re improving!) about the SDIMF and Rooth and that is what inspired me to go and check out Rooth first.

San Diego Indie Music Fest!

Get Ready to be completely underwhelmed!

Its almost that time of year again when the best in the ‘Indie’ world descend on Northpark for two days of music and mayhem! Who? That’s what I thought when I got an email from Citybeat, directing me to the Indie Music Fest website. Hey, I know who James Marsters is! He’s Buffy’s other boyfriend from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, his character, Spike made watching Buffy worth every minute of pain I endured during season 4 when Buffy started dating the Initiative guy, Riley [what a total douche nozzle that guy was]. Spike was delightfully manipulative and you could see his budding obsession with the Buffster. Apparently he’ll be performing with his band. I wish it was a different famous actor turned musician, like Zooey Deschanel and M Ward instead, but I’ll settle for Spike.

The Indie Music Fest ‘performer’ list reads like a whos who of who. I guess that is the point at an Indie Music ‘fest’. Though Kid Beyond would be worth seeing, he’s a genius using live midi-on the fly samples. I’m wondering where all the San Diego Bands are though? No Prayers, Muslims, Vultures or Transfer? What about Grand Ole Party? Why the fuck do these great San Diego bands always get passed over? How about Weatherbox, one of the best melodic hardcore bands to come out of SD in years?

People get so bummed out when talking about the local ‘scene,’ and I can guess why. Scolaris will now be the exclusive bar of the new world order in North Park. All those bourgeois 30-thousand dollar millionaires will need a watering hole closer to their prefab domiciles across the street and Bar Pink Elephant is thankfully too ‘weird’ for those gaslampers. The Alibi won’t be having shows in the near future or possibly ever again. Beauty Bar and U31 have cornered the asymmetrical haircut movement and don’t even get me started on Soma or the Che where exclusionary IS the norm.

Even Music Fest sponsor 91x treats their Loudspeaker show like a shameful experiment by having it air from 1am to 3am monday mornings. I guess that ensures that the only people who’d listen and be interested are fast asleep. In the interest of full disclosure my brother is a DJ for the loudspeaker show so yes I’d like to hear loudspeaker ‘live’ and not through their podcast monday afternoons.

It boggles the mind. But maybe it is too early to assume there won’t be any bands there that I’d like. Or maybe my discriminating tastes are too music snob and not quite Joe Public enough. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, or more so than last year when Fishbone was one of the few attractions.

Here’s who I’d pick for a ‘Locals Only’ Stage, if given the chance.

Grand Ole Party
The Prayers
Get Your Death On
Hostile Combover
Joanie Mendenhall
The K23 Orchestra
Some Girls