I’ve sung the praises of The Locust as purveyors of sonic terror and know how amazing they are as artists and people first hand. They have always been a huge part of the San Diego underground music community. Unfortunately, like dozens of bands in the past year, their gear was ripped off in St. Louis after a gig. More info is below. You may not like their music or aesthetic but you can appreciate and respect them as artists who make a living from the instruments that were stolen. It sucks. If you play an instrument I’m sure you can understand…

The Locust’s van was broken into and robbed in St Louis over the weekend at a grocery store after the show. Many valuable items were stolen (COMPUTERS, IPODS, CASH, PASSPORTS, RENT MONEY, ETC) and the loss has been devastating to the band. The bands insurance does not cover theft so the loss is on The Locust. Three One G has set up a way to donate to the band if you are interested. Click this link to make a donation!!! Thanks so much. Most of you know how thoughtful and kind those guys are as individuals. Lend a hand!