Planet Rooth Studios Show

This was the highlight of the “San Diego” Indie Music Fest. It was great! I did go over to the Rubber Rose and caught a good punk rock band bashing it out. It was hard to get to though cause of that stupid Beer Garden set up right in front. Stopped by Bar Pink Elephant and waited for a drink for 15 minutes as a gaggle of lesbians had a bartender making 20 Jaeger bombs–fucking amateurs. Not sure if those bar tenders had been getting a steady stream of douche bags all night or if the service at the Pink Elephant always sucks balls but suffice to say I never got a drink and left in a huff. Boo hoo for booze! Ventured on to the main area of the SDIMF but it began to rain so we left. I can’t give an honest report so I can’t say if it sucked or not but it looked like a lot of people were stoked. Quite a few young indie rock kids walking around. Some older college types. Can’t wait for next year.

Swim Party played really well. I’d never seen them before and now I am a huge fan. Great tunes. Loved the bass player, right combo of finger tapping/plucking and picking made for an interesting sound. I missed Hialeah and the first band but the ambiance was nice. Wish Rooth would do live stuff during Ray at night. Subsequently it is always my favorite studio during Ray at Night. Citybeat had an interesting article (yay they’re improving!) about the SDIMF and Rooth and that is what inspired me to go and check out Rooth first.