Cheshi – Bug Dance

I’m obsessed with guitar pedals. Pedal makers. They’re weird.

They’re weird.

Like the back back room guys in the guitar shop.

So this recommendation came through the fucking fuzziest of click carrot rabbit hole weirdness. Five or six posts deep on IG, copped initially from Sinasoid (they make cables and other audio ‘couture’), finally landing on Bookworm Effects and they’re Laughing Man optical tremolo pedal. [pictured]


For those unfamiliar, Laughing Man is one of the greatest J.D. Salinger short stories and also happens to be my favorite of his.  This tremolo is really sweet sounding too. Gonna add this to my Want list on

Halfway down Bookworm’s feed, I found a screenshot of the Cheshi EP and curious, went searching.


Okay, Cheshi is Indie Rock fronted by singer-guitarist Ashli Cheshire, channeling Johnette Napolitano, supported by a thunderous rhythm section who propel each dynamic shift in the songs with bombastic gusto.

Below is the song “Bug Dance” from their latest release.

Check ’em out at

Street Sects – And I Grew Into Ribbons

Musical. Orchestral. Melodious. Cinematic.

Street Sects are none of these descriptors.

For that I am thankful.

Industrial grind with a little bit of hype. Abrasive. Poignant.

With any luck these dudes will fade back into relative obscurity, maybe only 20K views on YT.

Then they can continue making the soundtrack to my adult life.

Trentemøller’s “River In Me” with Jehnny Beth of Savages

The new album Fixion by Trentemøller dropped recently and while there are quite a few surprising little gems on the record, Savages Jehnny Beth lends her voice to the track, “River in Me.”

It’s an inspiring song and a good first hit of Trentemøller. Load it up, toke it and enjoy the ride.

Trentemøller: River In Me


Xinlisupreme “I Am Not Shinzo Abe”

Break apart the world with this punctured pop tune from Japanese guitar spaz duo, Xinlisupreme.

I wonder what their “No Bad Songs” album is?

Word to Warren Ellis for the spot on referral and his Orbital newsletter. Brilliant.

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Tame Impala “Cause I’m a Man” Video

Do you like smoking DMT and listening to Shuggie Otis’ seminal soul record, Inspiration Information? Then ho-lee-sheet, the new Tame Impala single, “Cause I’m a Man,” is perfect for a sweaty executive trip. Their forthcoming album, Currents is going to be your funky new jam from now until the end of the year. That is guaranteed!

Dear Internets, please take this video and run it through #deepdream and inceptionize the shit out of this hallucinogenic romp through a milky SIMS nightmare city. Let’s see how far we can take this thing without spending money on a bag of mushrooms

Chelsea Wolfe “Carrion Flowers” – Official Video

I have been eagerly anticipating news of Chelsea Wolfe’s forthcoming album “Abyss,” due in August from the brilliant folks at Sargent House (Cathy Pellow & Company).

Over the past few weeks they’ve thrown some bones. A set of lyric vids for “Iron Moon” and “Carrion Flowers” plus a headlining tour with Woven Hand was announced for the Summer/Fall.

Chelsea skirts easy genre classification. That said, it’s certainly not Pop music, not in the literal definition of the term.

Her songs exude a Lynchian charm. There is a comforting ambiguity to her fearless approach to song craft. Which can also be unsettling.

“Carrion Flowers” is no exception. The middle eastern melody that acts as counterpoint to the droning synth waves and industrial drumming is familiar yet new.

A petit deja entendu for the Mise en abyme

The video was directed by Wolfe and longtime collaborator, Ben Chisholm.

US CD/LP Store:
UK & EU CD/LP Store:…


Leon Bridges “Coming Home” – Mahogany Sessions

Between producer/composer Adrian Younge’s work in hip hop and neo-soul, Raphael Saadiq’s stellar musical output of recent memory and brilliant artists like RZA exposing old music to new ears, Leon Bridges inhabits that sweet spot between familiar and inspiring. His latest effort, Coming Home, is an analog purists dream. A mini-masterpiece comprised of soulful three-minute tunes. If you need any more excuses to buy a turn table, receiver and pair of speakers, this is it. Slow dance your Sunday away with your sweetheart to the title track, “Coming Home,” or nod your head along to the swinging back beat of “Smooth Sailin’.”

The folks at Mahogany Sessions have had their fair share of rad performers (Allen Stone, Hozier, Flogging Molly) in their format of performers in transcendent locales, but hearing Leon with a guitar, sax and two back up singers in an abandoned house ranks top marks.

Check OUT the performance

What do you think?

Coming Home” is available for download on iTunes:

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