FEAR on Saturday Night Live 1981 (Thanks J Belushi)

Yes. John Belushi was fucking cool. He tried to get Fear to do the entire soundtrack of his movie Neighbors but the studio nixed it, so to make up for it he put some pressure on SNL to let the band appear. I looked for this all during my lunch break. This chaotic little exhibition is inspiring. That danger. That feeling that most people don’t understand because they want to feel so safe when they go to a rock show is embodied in this little clip. By the way, go sit down in front of your TV and watch some Repo Man when you are done, followed by a Suburbia (written by Penelope Spheeris who also did Decline of Western Civilization AND Waynes World!!!) chaser. Now enjoy it!

FEAR – Live 1981 SNL

(sorry, stupid embed code wouldn’t work)