The Future is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

So I started out the morning, barely able to scrape myself out of bed, ran a brush over my teeth, had some cereal and tea then got in the car (new site launching/testing at work plus show tonight so I couldn’t peddle to work) and listened to London Calling on the way in. Man that record is amazing. I’d say its my favorite of the Clash discography but there are a lot of songs I like on Sandinista! and a few noteworthy tunes on Super Black Market Clash (how bout’ “Pressure Drop” in that new Nissan Rogue commersh, makes you want to puke don’t it?). I like the Toots version a lot, just like I like the Toots version of “54-46” more than the Sublime version, though Brads voice is really amazing. The Future Is Unwritten is a new film/doc about Joe Strummer by Filth and Fury director Julien Temple. The review from EW gave it an A and said it was more intimate than the Pistols doc. That’s not hard for me to believe. Not sure anything about the Pistols could ever be ‘intimate.’ The Pistols represented everything about ‘punk’ that I’ve grown to despise. Elitism, fascism, scene-ism, genre-superiority-ism, nihilism, mall punks, ass-flaps, and spitting on performers. Oh and dumb-shit junkie fuck heads being lionized for being pieces of shit (Hey Babyshambles eat a grenade!).

It plays tonight at the Ken Cinema in Kensington. I’m hoping to catch it another day since Cabron is playing a SD Fire Victims Benefit at the Alibi Tonight!!! ($5 suggested donation, come on down!) Their website is pretty amazing. Check it out at

Its a bit fancier than the Control website. Good use of flash. Nice little rich media features. I can’t wait to see it.

Favorite Clash song of all time, “Lost in the Supermarket” from London Calling.

Whats yours?