Humane Food Legislation for CA.

[A close friend of mine is working to help pass this key piece of legislation. Please repost or take a step towards helping do what you can. just imagine this isn’t about domestic animals, like, if you were who you were and it was culturally acceptable to eat other humans, you’d be bummed if you knew that someone you were about to eat was treated so poorly just so they could fill your tummy. Thats crummy right?Activate…and always let your conscience be your guide!]
Hello friends who are, or have ever been, vegans, vegetarians, and supporters thereof (and who live in CA),

I am working with a group to pass a piece of legislation that would ban the use of gestation crates for pigs, veal enclosures for calves, and battery cages for chickens. As you may know, commercial farming uses confining cages that cause immense suffering and death for their inhabitants and spread disease. The legislation is sponsored by the Humane Society of the US – they have passed similar legislation in Arizona and Florida with great success. The campaign is massive, and we need to collect 650,000 signatures by the end of Feb. to get the measure on the Nov. 08 ballot. Early polling shows the measure has incredible success (something like over 70% of Californians say they’d vote for it) but we need to get it on the ballot.

Go to to read the legislation and find out about the cages banned.

Can you help? Here’s how.

1. Become a signature gatherer yourself – contact Humane California via their website to get started.