Cabron Live at Chasers this Friday!!!

“Uh, Fuck Yeah man, like for sure we’re totally playing at Chasers with Triclops (ex-fleshies-victims family), Batwings and the John Foothills Band.”

“Its sort of last minute but, its Bobs B Day this weekend and we haven’t played since early January. People might forget we are a band and move on to the next best thing, which may consist of drinking at home and listening to Vivaldi.”

“Ew, we can’t have that on our conscience.”

“Don’t folks want to feel like bands in this town give a shit about this town? I mean, how many bad glam rock revivalist bands can there be? Can’t we strike a balance between 70’s throwback rock and roll excess with Iggy inspired Brechtian punk rock aggression?”

“I’m down.”

“Me Too. Hopefully some people will show up…”

Cabron Live at Chasers