Google “Bike There” Petition

Hello. Do you ride a bike? You may or may have ridden one in a while but chances are you know how, or learned at some point and have been languishing in your car since you turned 16. If you live west of the Mississippi you DO live in Car Land, where working buses and subways are so gauche, and rare as buffalo. So if you do ride a two wheeled vehicle more than just on weekends to the beach or bar Swrve makes sweet gear for the urban cyclist who doesn’t want to look like a total douche nozzle. I just got this from my new favorite bicycle clothing company Swrve, who are based out of San Francisco and make affordable COOL looking bike knickers and jackets. NO SPANDEX ZONE!

we don’t usually send out mass e-mails (this is in fact our first!) but the impetus for sending this mail seems worthy. we just heard about a petition to encourage Google to include a “bike there” option in addition to the already-existing “drive there” and “take public transit” options. it seems like a great idea so we thought we would send it along to all of you.

This is a pick of the ones I bought. They are great, durable, breathable, but if you have cats, like I do, these knickers (shants) are instant fur magnets.


The Morgue Called, They Want To Use Your Cadaver “For Study”

The first time I met Justin Pearson I was just getting started with a project, a website called The intention of it was to be this hub of youth culture that the music products industry could dip its marketing muscle [read:balls] into and reap the benefits of kids going out and buying truckloads of instruments and products – a hilarious and immeasurable goal – perpetrated by a bunch of business suit attired has-beens and wannabees who thought that an asshole such as myself with some experience in music journalism could bring some gravitas to the fledgling site. They were right. To an extent. We hovered at 30K visitors a month and were an official Webby Award Honoree for 2006 (woo hoo…). Of course those accolades fell on deaf ears, or rather ears that wouldn’t know that the web would surpass radio for ad spend in 2007. Does hindsight count if you were blind behind?

At first I was enthusiastic about it. To endeavor to bring the beauty of making music to a generation whose art and music programs were being cut by an administration obsessed with war was enticing. I took the pill. I jumped right in. I wanted to make things change. That was the optimism of a post 9/11 job out of college (not right out of college, more like 2 years later) for me. I must stress that there were more good things that came from that experience than negative, one of them being my growing friendship with Justin Pearson of The Locust. He was the first “Big Interview” I did for the site. He believed in the propaganda that I believed in, but part of me thought he believed in the fact that artists that don’t chart and don’t move units should have an opportunity to be heard. Sort of an “I like their aesthetic. So I want to share it with everyone,” thing, right?

The last interview I did with Justin marked another benchmark. It was the first for A project basically run by two dudes and supplemented by about 20 of the most amazing and loyal writers and friends a hack editor could ever ask for. Below is a link to the last lengthy post post from a guy that was probably born ten years too late into a world that is as unforgiving as it is beautiful and absurd.

You will get an inkling of what the ‘music business’ is all about – from the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry couldn’t be a more apt title for Justin Pearson’s tour diary. Part of me wishes he’d have continued in the face of all the terrible things he is going through (gone through), and part of me is glad he’s done writing for now. He’s incredibly prolific. If anything just to continue to document what it is REALLY like. The pieces themselves were quite amazing and honest. These paragraph-less musings on life on the road where a bit of a bitch to get through when editing. Nevertheless an amazing account.

Not traveling in a giant fucking tour bus, staying in 3 and 4 star hotels, having everything and everyone tell you that you matter. Fuck that. Its the real deal.

Here is an awesome picture taken by Robin Locust.

Digital Nightmare pt. 4

Its okay, its all right, Jesus loves you! Allah loves you! Microsoft, Google and Yahoo love you too. This brave new world is the super PC place for all consumers to worship and sigh their obedience to the horizon of endless product…