MP3’s suck and so do films on phones!

Yes, the MP3 is the greatest lie perpetrated by Apple in the history of new music formats. “They’re making it easier to make things worse,” said Lou Reed recently, where he also referenced this amazing clip of David Lynch discussing viewing films on small little hand helds. Don’t be so content with how your entertainment is presented to you that you forget real art should be presented how it was meant, in Hi-Fi in its entirety or on a giant screen.

The North Atlantic @ Black Box Theater

The North Atlantic. Wow! An amazing 5 years of knowing you guys and watching you tear it up from here to Austin. I’ll miss it. But mostly I’ll miss the three of you together. Thanks Guys!

one end to the other

chester shambleton jammed some good horn. pants triscari worked that mic like a pole dancer in a rap video. its all connected to a lynchian theme of sex and anticipation. what do we wait for? is it the skin? the endorphin rush of conquering new skin…or old skin peeling away to reveal the layers of 11 years spinning into a cacophony of something real. they tell you it matters. they tell you its all for naught. they tell you it makes a hell of a soundtrack to the apocalypse. we like the blue box. it warms us with its mystery . and then the days that we wonder what the hell it is we’re doing typing away, picking the flesh from our bones and selling our wares, we realize that those that came before came a lot. when they were fucking…ahem! right?