Darkhorse Comics Website Sucks Ass

So I just got done watching the Sarah Conner Chronicles and I wanted to see how much my 1st Edition Enemy Within terminatorTerminator series was worth AND I wanted to see if there was a precedent set for the story line currently being used on the show. You know, smoking hot Terminator female, touching a young John Conner to gauge his blood rate, sweat analysis etc. I mean, super nerd boner time right? But seriously! I’m looking for answers and I turned to the Dark Horse site and, granted I’ve seen their efforts on myspace and assuming the company is run by a bunch of tech savvy nerds as it is I was expecting some semblance of a reasonable search function and some coolness but lo and behold their site completely left me slack jawed, like a T800 with a grenade in the mouth. Darkhorse you guys are on notice. You’ve got an amazing franchise in some of the best Sci-fi and underground stories and your website sucks. Alas, I can’t stay that mad, after all, Bisley did do the some the most amazing covers for Enemy Within.