Gettin’ it on!

So I’ve managed to get caught up on some of my old pals via new or newly discovered blogs. Mr. McKibben has been keeping a wary eye on Uncle Sam over at the Politcal Slap blog. The multi-instrumentalist/lyricist (Painstake, Four, Ground Zero Movement) and indie record label owner has a nice little Hannity and Colmes thing going on with fellow Ground Z member and label artist D.O. But its more Crocket and Tubbs on a Mumia/Chuck D approach than twodorky ‘pundit’ white upper middle class white dude thing.

Andrade (Pariah Sect, Painstake, Heroin Vs. Traitor) has started his own little fist shaking blog at Same Deep Water As You blog. You can expect vitriol and opinion and comedy. The one and only North Denver Mexican’s unique perspective as a former Marine, Iraq War Vet, musician and father will be sure to interest the most cynical of assholes.

Have a happy baby Jesus day. Go spend some money on more worthless shit.

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