News from former Bear Vs Shark members

Its true. I think Bear vs Shark was the best band ever to grace the roster at Equal Vision Records. Even more so than 108 and the handful of bands that were on that label in the early 90, including Snapcase and any other band that might have been on an Anti-matter comp. Any way, I was taking a trip down ‘wish-that-band-hadn’t-broken-up’ lane and caught this post on the BvS myspace.

the first ‘official’ new project from the members of bvs…

“[former members of BvS]…have now made things ‘official’ and created a myspace page for their new project ‘CANNONS’. they have two rough demos posted, and john would like it to be known that mike had nothing to do with them, so all genius should be accredited to mark and himself.

the first song, ‘perennials’ is a folky, bluesy sort of balad that makes creative use of that ‘clicky’ kind of sound that you get from cd’s sometimes after they’ve become scratched. the entire second half of my jay-z ‘blueprint’ cd suffers from this problem (as does my copy of white zombies ‘la sexercism’ – which is a really good record if you didn’t already know that, which you probably didn’t, because you were 6 when it came out.)

the second track, ‘cicada song’ is also a rather folksy, bluesy number, but it takes a dramatically electric turn at the 3:32 mark. keep an eye on this one, as it goes from soulful folk ballad to barn burner in the blink of an eye. think muddy waters meets april wine.

while the project is obviously still in it’s infancy, it’s already caught the ear of such celebrities as the ever wily ted danson, and the boyishly hansom stephen dorf. if this is any indication of things to come, ‘smashing fucking success’ may be the myspace blog understatement of the year.

Please go check them out at

In unrelated news, Junior Kimbrough is fucking awesome. As are the black keys. You should check out both of them if youre not familiar. Oh, and so is Avail. Avail will probably never not be good.

Lastly, our friends in the Uncut have been busy recording some new shit and should have an album out in the next couple months. You should check them out (theyre in our top 8) if you havent already.”

Godspeed mi’boys, Godspeed!