Cabron Live at Chasers this Friday!!!

“Uh, Fuck Yeah man, like for sure we’re totally playing at Chasers with Triclops (ex-fleshies-victims family), Batwings and the John Foothills Band.”

“Its sort of last minute but, its Bobs B Day this weekend and we haven’t played since early January. People might forget we are a band and move on to the next best thing, which may consist of drinking at home and listening to Vivaldi.”

“Ew, we can’t have that on our conscience.”

“Don’t folks want to feel like bands in this town give a shit about this town? I mean, how many bad glam rock revivalist bands can there be? Can’t we strike a balance between 70’s throwback rock and roll excess with Iggy inspired Brechtian punk rock aggression?”

“I’m down.”

“Me Too. Hopefully some people will show up…”

Cabron Live at Chasers

What Little Folks do For Fun: Fkenal, Cabron, Bike Rides, Food Drives

My favorite band of our singer, Leo, besides Cabron, is Fkenal. An all instrumental/psych rock four piece playing hybrid prog/indie rock replete with visual projector show and one of the most mesmerizing drummers I’ve seen in a long time (though Mark, Cullen and Seb are tremendous as well). Leo doesn’t sing in Fkenal but he plays bass and looks hotter than a pit bull turd on asphalt during the summer in El Centro.

This Sunday is the Burrito Project Ride. Meet at 3pm at the Big Fountain, make burritos, deliver to our less fortunate denizens of ‘Americas Finest City.’ If you like burritos and bicycles then please come and join us for some non-denominational philanthropy work. Add the burrito project to your myspace too.

Next Saturday, Dec. 15th (10pm), our pals, Tijuana Knife Fight (from LA/OC) and our comrades Hostile Combover join us for another musical evening at The Alibi. Lori, we promise we won’t break any glasses in your hand this time, in fact, we’ll each buy you a drink to make up for our violent outburst last time. (Seb can you pass on the message?)

Next Sunday, we’re having one final show at The Voz Alta before it gets torn down, along with Landlord Jims. Seriously, where else in the city besides Star Bar can you not only expect great service but virtually no $30,000 millionaires OR their skanky gold digging female counterparts? Its true, imminent domain has its consequence. Though it seemed to work well for Rafter and his expanding empire of recording studios.

The Dec. 16th Matinee is $5 or $4 if you bring a can of food. It’s a food drive AND its all ages AND its not at the Che, HOLY SHIT! Bands have few options in this town as far as playing all ages venues is concerned, its going to seriously suck when Voz closes so please come out and celebrate the Voz Alta Projects excellent contribution to the SD music and art scene with

cabron fkenal spitting on cops neverland ranch hands vietnam hc live at voz alta

Cabron Live with TSOL and Battalion of Saints Nov. 24th

So Cabron got invited to open for TSOL and Battalion of Saints. Here’s a poster our friend Bill Pierce put together for the show. Reagan is immortal in the hearts and minds of neo-dissidents everywhere — the bastard. Who knew we’d be worse off a quarter century later? How’s the recession taste? Too much subprime fallout in there? Salt the wound to taste…

San Diego Wildfires Mental Health Fund

This is the non-profit Cabron will be donating proceeds from our Nov. 3rd show to.   

Mental Health America Establishes Fund to Help Support the Long Term Mental Health Needs of Those Affected by the San Diego County Wildfires

(San Diego, CA) *** October 24, 2007  As the hundreds of thousands San Diegans flee the flames; they’re trying to make sense of what happened and deal with the stress of the situation. These wildfires have created a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for those directly and indirectly affected. In the days, weeks and months to come, many will need the support of a licensed mental health provider.  For those who are uninsured, receiving the ongoing care needed will be difficult.

The San Diego Wildfire Mental Health Relief Fund will assist uninsured residents directly or indirectly affected by the wildfires access mental health services.  MHASD will provide assistance in connecting families and individuals to mental health services, based on need.

To support this fund, visit and click on “San Diego Wildfire Mental Health Relief Fund” or go to

Coping with the Stress of Natural Disasters

In the days, weeks and months following the disaster, residents may begin to have some of these common reactions:

Common Reactions

·                                 Disbelief and shock

·                                 Fear and anxiety about the future

·                                 Disorientation; difficulty making decisions or concentrating

·                                 Apathy and emotional numbing

·                                 Nightmares and reoccurring thoughts about the event

·                                 Irritability and anger

·                                 Sadness and depression

·                                 Feeling powerless

·                                 Changes in eating patterns; loss of appetite or overeating

·                                 Crying for “no apparent reason”

·                                 Headaches, back pains and stomach problems

·                                 Difficulty sleeping or falling asleep

·                                 Increased use of alcohol and drugs

Tips for Coping

It is ‘normal’ to have difficulty managing your feelings after major traumatic events. However, if you don’t deal with the stress, it can be harmful to your mental and physical health. Here are some tips for coping in these difficult times:

·                     Talk about it. By talking with others about the event, you can relieve stress and realize that others share your feelings.

·                     Spend time with friends and family. They can help you through this tough time. If your family lives outside the area, stay in touch by phone. If you have any children, encourage them to share their concerns and feelings about the disaster with you.

·                     Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and exercise, and eat properly. If you smoke or drink coffee, try to limit your intake, since nicotine and caffeine can also add to your stress.

·                     Limit exposure to images of the disaster. Watching or reading news about the event over and over again will only increase your stress.

·                     Find time for activities you enjoy. Read a book, go for a walk, catch a movie or do something else you find enjoyable. These healthy activities can help you get your mind off the disaster and keep the stress in check.

·                     Take one thing at a time. For people under stress, an ordinary workload can sometimes seem unbearable. Pick one urgent task and work on it. Once you accomplish that task, choose the next one. “Checking off” tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and make things feel less overwhelming.

·                     Do something positive. Give blood, prepare “care packages” for people who have lost relatives or their homes or jobs, or volunteer in a rebuilding effort. Helping other people can give you a sense of purpose in a situation that feels ‘out of your control.’

·                     Avoid drugs and excessive drinking. Drugs and alcohol may temporarily seem to remove stress, but in the long run they generally create additional problems that compound the stress you were already feeling.

·                     Ask for help when you need it. If your feelings do not go away or are so intense that they interfere with your ability to function in daily life, talk with a trusted relative, friend, doctor or spiritual advisor about getting help. Make an appointment with a mental health professional to discuss how well you are coping with the recent events. You could also join a support group. Don’t try to cope alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Local Resources:

Access and Crisis Line:            800-479-3339

2-1-1 San Diego:                     211

Mental Health America:            619-543-0412

NAMI:                                       619-543-1434 or 800-523-5933


Mental Health America of San Diego County (legally Mental Health Association in San Diego County) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. Since 1942, has been dedicated to providing mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and service.  To learn more about MHASD, the public can visit or call 619-543-0412.

Mexican Shoe Thief Lyrics Posted!!!

Leo finally sent me the ALL they lyrics for our record. Here they are! Enjoy!


Have you ever worked more than 60 hours in any given week?

At a job you despise with every fiber and grain of your being?

D’you ever stop to think that you’re not alone man,

No you’re not alone!

We’re all stumbling towards the same ending, thankless and dying.

But you’re not alone man, sister we’re with you in the factories and fields

Toiling away, just to get a sense, a sense of something real.

We’ll be waiting at the end when the credits roll and the curtain close,

And when the last whistle blows we’ll be there, yeah we’ll be there.

Carve out an existence

To stand tall amidst the giants

One voice to rattle the tyrants.

You’re not alone man!

Shut yer hole

I just thought that I would let you know,

It’d do you better if you shut your hole

’cause when you speak it starts to smell like shit

Falling in clumps, we need to clamp that chin

Just shrugging, ignoring, thinking you’re holy

Keep throwing sticks on the open flame

Winking, sniffing, thinking you own me

I’d give anything to see you dead,

Gutted and strung up like a pig I dread

In simplest terms it’s best to be sincere

Your manners and words all bull shit and fear

You keep shrugging, ignoring, thinking you’re holy

Keep throwing sticks on our open flame

Winking, sniffing, thinking you own me


We’re the ruling architects of semantic infrastructures

Coded in concrete and script

Not paper that’ll tear easily

Pay your fines and dues

You life is our to use

Boiler plate mission statements

Distributed to all the right folks

Conflict resolution is our diplomatic mantra

Pay your fines and dues

The kids are ours to use

Fuel the white, red, blue

Your labor is ours to use


What do you wish to accomplish?

What is your goal in life?

Do you want a family?

Do you want three kids and a wife?

Well it doesn’t really matter, because to me life is just a game

Just one thing to remember

Deep down inside we’re all the same

You gotta learn to give a little

Learn to lend a hand

Don’t think only of yourself

Please understand

Today in all the confusion

Everyone’s talking about no. 1

About fuckin succeeding

And getting their share before life’s done

Living your life for you, it’s just another selfish attitude

Who are you gonna turn to

When hard times get a hold on you?

Hobo Sex

Hearsay, all the shit they write about us

As if nobody’s speaking

Pink face with a snout, ears, tail and all

Keep us feeding and feeding

The mute speak while the blind are kept in the dark

But there’s nobody listening

Loose change filling cups, you’re bound to a wall

And I know what you’re thinking too

We say it’s a problem that no, that no one can solve

But you, you keeping spending n shit

Well what are you gonna do?



There is no band

This is just a recording

No there is no band

Yeah this is just a recording

Set the wheels into motion

Live to shake the foundation

Crumble the memory to dust

Razors sharpening with age

Social anxiety

Silence broken by the bombast of sex

Social anxiety

Silence broken by the bombast……

Can you hear it?

A few well placed words, can incite lust

And a whisper of treachery can incite murder…

Silencio! Silencio! Silencio!
No es banda, es solo una grabacion….

Cabron, Batwings, Dissimilars, Frauds Live at Scolaris

So we’re playing Scolari’s with our good friends Batwings on Saturday night. Those guys are our rehearsal space neighbors and aside from being stand up dudes, their brand of post-punk swagger and Jehu-esque sound is really rad to behold. AND it’s Scolari’s, the first and friendliest (Freddy RIP) bar I ever stumbled into in San Diego. The drinks are poured heavy, it smells like 40 years of stale beer and puke (almost like the Boiler Room smelled back when it was the only place worth sitting in at the Tivoli in Denvoid) and now all three bands I’ve been a member of in this town will have played there. Gingtian Violet, The Turnstiles and now Cabron!, that is very cool. They have a very interesting system for paying bands as well. The shows are free, bands get drinks 20 min before – during their set – and 20 minutes after plus 50 bucks. Leo and I were discussing this with Bryan and Robert from Batwings the other night and realized what a good model this is, even for touring bands. No matter what the door ‘would’ve’ been and even if there are only like 5 people there the bands still make some money and get loaded. My good friend Cullen wrote an awesome, backhanded indictment/article for City Beat last week about this whole DJ/band thing taking place in San Diego (and I’m sure elsewhere in other hipster spots like NY and LA). Where DJ’s get equal billing with bands that are playing live. If you think that a DJ should get paid out of the ‘door,’ essentially taking cash from a band that is actually performing then you’re best bet is to go spend some time at the ‘clubs’ in SD (chain bars) that care more about selling booze than letting local talent blossom. It cannibalizes music. I’ll never be convinced that putting a a needle on vinyl is equal to playing a song with several other people, no matter how much beat matching and mixing you’re doing or how deep your vinyl collection is or what rare Hawkwind, CAN or Joy Division single you might be spinning. Music that is spun should be either relegated to the background, or put in the forefront to stand alone and get asses shaking, it should supplement a band not be an equal ‘performing’ entity.

We’re not cool enough!

This Place Smells Like Shit: Pratice Space

Most civilians [read: ‘people with real goals’] aren’t familiar with the general maladies of rehearsal space availability and quality in this town, or any other for that matter (Denver being the only other town I’ve had practice spaces in). Bands in San Diego don’t have the option of using a basement like bands in Denver luckily do. Though the spaces in Denver were bigger, they were a lot more sketchy. The space(s) I used in Denver could have been used as locations for raves, paintball, fight clubs and as headquarters for serial killers and satanic book clubs. Dark and dingy and usually in really bad neighborhoods or formerly bad neighborhoods like Five Points (gentrification anyone?).

This is essentially a mash up of actual conversations and comments I’ve heard or uttered as a person who has been in bands – in essay form.

Guys, this place seriously smells like shit. Yeah. Human fecal matter. I’m not sure what it is about this place but every time I walk through the door I gag with every breath. Its disgusting. You’d think the property manager would at the very least take out the trash. Its full of puke and cases of empty beer bottles. There are more flies inside our 8×8 room than by the dumpster near the tattoo shop across the alley. That homeless guy doesn’t even ask us for change anymore. How is that possible?

It smells like someone murdered an Indian man (dot, not feather) stuffed him with curry and cabbage then hid him in the wall right next to the managers office.

Hey dude, beer me that flesh turd, we’ll use it to mask the carrion-anus scent wafting through the rap metal bands door. Wait. A flesh turd is a baby right? You guys are drunk…But a baby would smell better than this hallway.

We pay our rent on time (sort of) but then of course the motherfucking air conditioning has been broken for the entire summer. Man the heat and the flies.

Is this like what those kids in Schindlers List smelled when they hid in the latrine? I mean I know it was a movie but I’m talking about the real kids that that story was based on. This is like walking across the bridge to get to Revolution in Tijuana when your drunk from Boones farm and MD 20/20 from the trolley ride and you’re on the way to the donkey show and you get that San Diego river smell. You know – that is where you can actually ‘smell the border’ like some wine aficionado’s can smell what time of year the grapes of their wine were grown or whatever. But instead of autumn and grapes it smells like burnt fetus and the inside of a Taun Taun.

This place smells worse than Scolari’s when Cattle Decap plays with all those crust punks there.

There’s some B.O. from that fucking hippie band that practices down the hall. Someone smokes cigarettes in their fucking room. Patchuli and GPC cigarettes. Are we practicing in fucking Berkely or Boulder. What the fuck? No consideration at all.

There is that amazingly lame 90’s alternashit band. I swear those guys are smoking crystal meth in there. And how many times do they have to play that fucking song? Theres no way they’ll win that opening slot for Godsmack. That alternashit band plays for hours, drinking beer. So where does their girl bassplayer piss? I never see her come out of that room. That may explain the piss smell. Maybe they have a bucket in their room for pee pee and poo poo.

These shit eating rooms don’t even have ventilation. Someone should hang that troglodyte manager from razor wire and shoot his dick with a paintball gun and those paint balls should be filled with lime juice or something super painful.

There’s some ass in here too. Smells kind of like that dive bar ass. Like a lot of old men farting and sweating on cushioned seats, seats that absorb ass and chode sweat. Theres some rancid foot dipped in sick in here too. So I suppose this place doesn’t just smell like shit. It smells like a bunch of other things too. Wow!

Armchair Martian, Fluf, and Local

Buckfast Superbee, Armchair Martian, Fluf @ Casbah Sat. Sept. 2nd

It was a weekend of reunions of bands from the 90’s that I used to listen to or watch every chance I got. While my good friends from the North Atlantic were playing their swan song(s), closing the 3rd annual Denverfest (why the fuck wasn’t there one of these when I lived in Denver?) drinking and cavorting with mutual friends and my brother in law, I was not landlocked but instead walking distance from the Harbor at San Diego’s premier 21+ club, The Casbah. I met Borracho Bob there, another old Denverite and we said our hellos to Jon Snodgrass, Bob proceeded to tell Jon the story behind Chris Sharry’s album art for “Good Guys…Bad Band.” Which translated well to the image of the album cover to the right. Another example of barehanded drunks wielding instruments instead of weapons, playing for 10 people, two of which were Bobrob and Chris. So. Yeah.

We were patient with the mid-90’s bro-rock of Buckfast Superbee and became intrigued when their drummer had a hissy fit and threw his high hat over his head in a fit of frustration. I wish more bands would do that. It was the highlight of their set. Though TJ has a pretty awesome voice their songs sort of blended into one another, however a lot of people seemed to be into them and it was nice to see our rehearsal space mates draw some attention from the sometimes skeptical Casbah crowd.

Armchair was up next. Watching Jon run through songs I heard over 10 years ago was pretty remarkable. Especially since the last time I saw them was when they played with Samiam at the Aztlan Theater on Kalamath when that one dude Dan Steinberg used to price gouge all the Denver scene kids. That show was consistent with my memory of the band – inconsistent. Some shows they ruled the stage without fucking up any songs and other times they were fall down drunk. The art on the inside of “Good Guys…” is telling with Dracula, The Wolfman and the Mummy as the band members trying to decide if they should go set up for the show. This time around they played incredibly well. Jon has honed his country sneer from moonlighting in Drag The River for the past decade or so and sounded amazing. While it was nice to see some familiar Denver (via Ft Collins) band it wasn’t quite like seeing Crestfallen and Christie Front Drive play with Planes Mistaken for Stars. Essentially my three favorite Denver bands minus Acrobat Down (what you guys couldn’t get your shit together for a one off show?). They went through the hits and even tossed in a Gary Nuwman cover expertly sung/mimicked by bassplayer Paul.

I like the idea of seeing Armchair Martian as drunk as Drag the River but with more Jawbreaker and less Lucero ya know? It was a good show. Fluf played all their hits and all the bros sung along happily while chicks pretended to sing along but just sort of mouthed ‘watermelon/c a n d y b a r/ ooh’ while expertly sipping their gin and tonics or whatever the fuck they were drinking. I left early. Better to have the memory of a decent show than a show that I stayed too long at and might’ve been mildly impressed with.

cabron live at the zombie lounge
we finally got to play a show with Tiltwheel! super fun. and our good friends from Denver, Git Some came through too. pretty cool little venue. here are some pics from the show. Barfer rocked out too along with Drunken Boat. hope we can all play again together soon.