Irons: J Bannon, Dwid, S Kasner

Jake Bannon is an amazing artist and visionary. His design work with Converge adds to their aesthetic and Deathwish Inc. respectively. He brings his unique perspective to bare on each of his endeavors. Plus he’s got the best voice in underground music since…Dwid from Integrity. Dwid, not unlike Jake, has inspired countless ‘vocalists’ in the hardcore music scene. But, like Converge and Integrity as bands, there can be only one (and like highlander too!). So these dudes formed a band called Irons. Then there’s artist Stephen Kanser. His apocalyptic images are beautiful and thought provoking. This collaboration is going to be amazing. Maybe they’ll make an animated short to accompany the music.

Here’s some info:

J. Bannon, Dwid Hellion, and Stephen Kasner are “Irons”.

“Irons” are a collaborative effort of these three artistic visionaries. A collective effort to create apocalyptic, non-linear music from a primal fine art based mindset.

Lying head to the wind and unable to turn either way.

Irons in the fire.
An undertaking or project in progress: has many irons in the fire this year.

The blade of a carpenter’s plane.
Slang; a pistol.
A harpoon.

“Irons” are currently writing/recording/collaborating for a future 2008 release on Deathwish.

Members are also currently working on their own material:
J. Bannon: Currently recording his “Wear Your Wounds” album and other releases.
Dwid Hellion: Currently working on future Roses Never Fade and Integrity releases.
Stephen Kasner: Currently mixing his Blood Fountains debut solo release.

More information regarding “Irons” will be released soon.

Check em out at myspace