Iska Dhaaf “Dependency” – Video

I met musician, singer and songwriter and all-around beautiful human, Benjamin Verdoes over a decade ago while he was a member of the critically overlooked Seattle indie rock band, In Praise of Folly. I was writing and editing pieces for the now defunct, and featured his band a few times.

Over the years, I’ve kept in touch with Ben via Facebook.

A generous and genuine spirit, Ben always reached out via text message or call, with an invitation to come hang out and see his band, Mt. Saint Helens Vietnam Band whenever they happened to tour through San Diego.

I’ve relished watching him grow as an artist and person.

His latest project, Iska Dhaaf (Somali for “let it go”), is an NYC-based duo with guitarist and singer, Nathan Quiroga. The band released their album, Even the Sun Will Burn last year.

The video for the song “Dependency” is poignant and features singer Nathan Quiroga’s father, Armondo Quiroga.

While it is an extremely personal song, the theme is universal. Be it drug, substance or dependency on a person, “Dependency” addresses the faults and frailty of being a human in this world without casting aspersions or inhabiting some morally righteous high ground.

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