Nadine Shah “Runaway”

Is it unfettered access that creates such stunningly exquisite music? 

All of us connected, absorbing information, sharing sound in the global village. 

Brit singer-songwriter Nadine Shah inhabits the space between vibrating in some fusion of electric gothic jazz where Nick Cave whispers from a black-eyed past and PJ Harvey writhes wantonly in expertly tied bondage knots. 

Her latest release, Love Your Mum & Dad was produced by Ben Hiller (The Horrors, Blur, Depeche Mode) with several of the songs recorded in her father’s expansive Curtain Superstore adding a haunting organic reverb, a sonic theme that carries throughout.

Though the instrumentation on much of the album is sparse, piano, a bit of percussion, a zither on the opening track, much of it is expanded by Nadine’s voice. 

Pick up the vinyl from Insound 

RIYL: Rose Kemp, Chelsea Wolfe, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey

Check out her video for the song “Runaway.” 

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