The Fucked Up Beat release Roswell Radio Cult

The Fucked Up Beat release Roswell Radio Cult

Via HAZE label, hyper-literate and prolific pan-continental experimental found sound collective, The Fucked Up Beat released their latest sonic document, Roswell Radio Cult. The album is a panacea for the caffeine fueled rat race proletariat. The songs are comprised of melodies supplied by multi-instrumentalist Eddie Palmer of New York, NY with found sounds and beats by drummer/writer Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA.

These Anti-fascist hymnals are ideal for undergarment removal after a PBR drenched, DMT tinted evening or as soundtrack to the window smashing, corporate bank looting riot enthusiasm of hard-line anarcho-punks. Also RIYL listening to music while scanning Russian dash camera crashes. Ballard would be proud.

Incidentally, my partner and I enjoyed listening to this album during our dinner party where we entertained several guests, served locally sourced halibut and soyrizo stew, chilled Malbec while passing our Iolite around the table. 

It is available for no money down and 0% financing at


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