Kata – Autumnal Reverie – Video

ImageKata is a San Diego based music collective, led ostensibly by multi-instrumentalist, Demetrius Antuña. The band recently launched and successfully funded their record, The Rising, through a kickstarter campaign.

The album will be released on vinyl (yes, I contributed and am anticipating my copy) delicious vinyl. Fidelity is mission critical when you have the kind of dynamics in songs like “Autumnal Reverie” and a lot of players on the track.

Sidebar: aren’t MP3’s the perfect medium for dub step and Beats By Dre headphones?

The band has been blowing minds and stopping hearts with their live show in San Diego for the past several years.

As a contributor to the KS, I received a digital download of The Rising. Musically, it parallels/apes/appropriates a few relatively known and familiar techniques such as single-note phrasing; tribal drumming; ambient, nearly indecipherable guitar atmospherics; throaty vocals. The music is at times dramatic, loud and bombastic yet refined and austere.

Certainly, the album is an exercise in ensemble collaboration.

Inarguably sincere.

Credit is due to the players in Kata. Their ability to execute this piece of music in a studio setting, translating a sense of immediacy is palpable. Urgent. A feat that is hardwon on song’s like “Autumnal Reverie” that span the 14 minute mark.

Song as narrative. Narrative as song.

RIYL: Neurosis (Eye of Every Storm), Nadja, Mono

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